How to manage your PC remotely from Android


Thanks to remote access tools we can manage our PC from anywhere in the world to monitor tasks, access any document that we have saved in the same, or just start a download. Technology each day progresses faster and therefore we can now also use our tablet or smartphone to perform these tasks. Therefore, in this tutorial we will look at some of theremote access tools available for Android more popular than we can use to connect to our PC regardless of operating system.



TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure computers with Windows, Mac and Linux systems remote access. To use it just you have to  install the application in our tablet or smartphone and on your PC where we leave it running. We’ll use a virtual keyboard to type,  mouse, launch applications, open documents, etc. Although the license for professional environments is to pay, if we use for personal use license is completely free. In this link you have a video demonstration of how the application works.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the official app from Microsoft to connect to your PC remotely.This application works with RDP and no intermediate gateway, ie, our tablet or smartphone must be on the same network as your PC. Setup is simple but the use of the application having to be on the same network is restricted practically to our home.

How to manage your PC remotely from Android

2X Remote Desktop Client

2X Remote Desktop Client until recently was the implementation of remote access to Windows desktops most used by RDP as the official Microsoft, which we discussed earlier came out in October.

2X Remote Desktop Client


ConnectBot allows us to connect to our tablet or smartphone to have an SSH client that connect to computers and Linux servers (or any server that is based on UNIX). The application supports multiple remote sessions in parallel and can copy information from the remote console and send such an email.



JuiceSSH offers the same functionality as ConnectBot which includes support for Telnet. It offers other features such as payment encrypt the content stored on your mobile device and prevent someone accessing the credentials of our remote access. These are just some of the hundreds of apps that are available in the Play Store to connect remotely our PC. I recommend using any of those described in the tutorial as they are the best known, used and valued by the community.

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