About Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India

It is not just a wave. It is not about ideology alone. It is not only the character either, which was build upon solid foundations of experiences as a ‘chaiwala’(tea-seller) or a regular ‘karyakarta’ (worker) of an emerging political party.

It goes something beyond that as I see it. Of course, the persona has much to do with gathering the masses but the rest of the show is run on by leadership and nothing lesser. And leadership is not everybody’s cup of tea.

One for the difficulty is not in organisation and making plans; the test, the real test, of the leader, lies in holding widely different people together along the line of their common sympathies. And this can only be done unconsciously, never by trying’. Quintessentially, Narendra Modi epitomises the same. And that is how he registers himself in the list of charismatic leaders of India.

It is not easy to stand at the Red Fort and address the nation and the world, not with fascinating schemes and petty achievements but with the shortcomings which an ordinary Indian suffers in the present context. The shortcomings which have permeated the psyche so much so that they are now taken to be granted. Bringing those in the light and from there, paving the way to look forward is a daring task which has been taken up by Mr. Modi. And that has created a wave of sustainability in sectors of economy, politics and most importantly the social sector.

This new pragmatism is opening the doors of possibility which ‘India-2020’ awaits. It can’t be called just a wave. India has been known for the symbolism since ages, and its only once in those ages that a symbol strong enough, as that provided by Mr. Modi has emerged on the national picture. This symbol of ‘Indianism’ and its eloquence in expressing and reuniting the spirit of India leaves us with just these words – ‘Acche din aane wale hain’ (Good days are about to come).

The current Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

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