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Hi, My name is Vamsi and I live in Chennai, India. I’m a software engineer by profession and a blogger by interest.  I started this blog as a hobby, but it has become more than a hobby (prestige and pride) for me these days.


Learning about technology is my passion and that’s one of the major reasons why I’ve been involved in this writing stuff for nearly 2 years now (2009 -2, calculate it that way). I enjoy sharing new stuff every day if time permits, and I guess you are finding something useful here at India365. And by the way, if you want to become a blogger you should be a good writer. If you think you are not so good writer, then you can consider taking this guest posting services, they really do a very descent job in delivering the articles and therefore you can focus on other important stuff like marketing or blog promotion.

I’m a B.E Computer Science Graduate, and I work in perl and shell scripting languages under linux environment. I love exploring new technologies and crack new problems that arise in the IT industry.

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Apart from blogging, I watch football, lots of movies, vidoes from youtube and

About India 365:

India 365 is basically setup to talk about local technology news. But, I had to convert this into a tech blog later on. I write articles on different categories like technology, gadgets, games, and blogging, etc.

According to Indiblogger directory, we rank 15th in the list of top gadget blogs and 83rd in the list of top technology blogs in India. We receive thousands of visitors every day and most of them come from search engines.

Currently we don’t have any mission or vision, but we want to make sure that we provide the best and high quality stuff. I hope me and my team are doing so far.

Appreciations and Criticism:

We received lot of appreciations from readers, friends, and often from strangers too. That’s a great inspiration for any blogger, you know!! All your words inspire us (my team of guest bloggers). However, we also encountered some serious criticism from strangers. We admit our mistakes and we are trying hard to avoid them in future.


Mail me @ if you have any questions or complaints. I shall reply you as soon as I can.
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5 Responses to Provamsi alias Vamsi admin of India365

  1. RUCHI says:

    hey do not know about u r exploring new technologies
    but ur looking so so good da

  2. Sri Varthan says:

    enga thala :)

  3. Good to know about you

  4. everything looks fine.. This is looking very elegant after the makeover… noticed lots of changes in ur blog.. Cool good going bro…

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