6 Travel movies you should watch atleast once in your life.

Every one should travel around the world for once in their life. Atleast we should know what’s out there in our planet. Traveling shows you the real you. It creates meaningful relationships, may be you can meet some of the most important peoples in your life. Traveling gives your soul the freedom that you were unaware of. It changes your perspective towards the world in one or many manners.
But often times we are just stucked in our lives that we want to travel but we cannot gather the courage. We hesitate, worry about the other one hundred and sixty two problems in our lives. Some are in wait of just a push to step out and travel the world. These are some of the very inspiring travel movies which can give you that push.

1. Into the wild.

This is the story about a college graduate young boy Christopher McCandles, who left the world behind to travel the world and live his dream to live wilderness. It is about the journey, all the people he meets during the journey with their own stories. He heads towards the Alaska to live on his own in wilderness. So witness the Adventure, Risks, Challenges, Experience and Freedom with this epic movie.

2. The Motorcycle diaries.


The movie revolves about Che Guevara, before he became an iconic Latin American revolutionary. The movie portrays the Motorcycle journey across the South America for over 8 months amd covering over 14,000 km. The trip which inspired the rest of Che Guvevara’s life.
A lovely movie to learn something from !

3. The Bucket List.

Movie is about two men diagnosed with cancer, who escapes the cancer ward in order to live their dream to travel and complete the To Do list before they die. The movie inspires you to do the things you’ve always wanted before you die.

4. Zindagi na milegi dobara.



You don’t get a life second time.
Three friends go on a trip, “A fantasy trip”. Planned for so long. The trip which results in spiritual raise in their lives. The movie is about Fun, Adventure, Experience and love. And guess what ? The movie takes you to the Spain. And it is literally shooted very beautifully.

5. Hit the road: India.


A travel and adventure Documentary. Story of two friends who take part in Mumbai Express- it is a 12 days long Rickshaw rally organised in India, which start from Mumbai ends in Chennai . A very different concept to watch. The movie shows a real glimpse of India. For all those out there in love with traveling in India this one’s really for you.

6. The Darjeeling limited.


Story of three brothers, and their reunion after one year of their fathers funeral.They plan a train trip to travel together, a trip which they planned to strengthen their bonds with each other. The film witnesses the vibrant amd sensual landscapes of India’s rich culture and heritage. A complete package of Fun and Emotion.

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