6 Tv series you should definately watch !

Best way to kill boredom, watch a tv series. In my view watching a good tv series is not always a waste of time, often times you get something to learn from them. A study says films, tv series, dramas, music etc. can be beneficial to come out from depression.

Sometimes it does the work of great motivation. Next time you feel low at any instant of life trust me mate, try to watch some meaningful movies or good tv series, it will really help you out. A wise man once said ” Movies are not about watching, they are about understanding “.
So are you planning to start watching a new tv series, but confused what to watch ? Don’t you worry we are here to help you out with these amazing suggestions. Here are some of the most loved tv series from current generation. Some from these series may not have very good ratings, but if you want to see some classic pieces of art then just go for these series atleast once.

1. Game of thrones.

got-season-5 (1)
Even if you are not a series freak, you have heard the name. This is one among the best master pieces of the tv series ever made. Story of seven families to dominate the land of Westeros. Politics, Power, Sex, Love, Hate, War, Blood are some of the factors which highlights the plot of the series. The direction, cinematography and the expensive and beautiful sets wins your heart at the first glance. This is a highly recommended tv series from us.

2. Breaking Bad.


 Rawaction !!

The plot swings around a mediocre chemistry teacher with an ordinary family, who is diagnosed with a level 3 Cancer which results in change in his perspective for his life and how he turns to be a major drug dealer. The action is very raw and genuine. The work done by the performers is just amazing. All this makes the show worth watching.

3. Friends.

The first thought come into mind after hearing this series name is your friends. Love, Laughter, Friendship, Fun, Nostalgia. This story is about six young friends, struggling for the survival in the real world. This is just another master piece. You will definitely don’t want to miss this one.

4. Sherlock.

Do you love suspense, mystery, intelligence, sarcasm? Well this series comes with this all in one package. The show revolves around an extremely extraordinary mind Sherlock Holmes and his mate Doctor Watson. The cinematography is impressive and story telling is very unique in its own way.

5. House of cards.

A political thriller !!

Francis Underwood, a major house whip takes you to the journey of American politics. A story of a man who feels betrayed by his own cabinet members and how he and his equally ambitious wife Claire take over the rivals in the game by changing the cards with clever, intelligent and impressive strategies.

6. Suits.

SUITS -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

Last but not the least !

You should first watch some of the legendary movies ever made like Shawshank Redemption and Jerry Maguire. As the show contains many of the dialogues exchanges from some of the movies like these. Show is about a law firm, having the central characters Harvey and Mike. Epic dialogues, badass attitude and shiny suits makes this series influential.
A must watch. seriously !!

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