How to Plan Your Shopping for Black Friday 2015

Black Friday shopping this year will be the most productive and enjoyable. Below are some tips that will optimize your buying.

It is quite tough and often confusing to plan what, where and how to shop during the Black Friday sales. There are too many retailers vying for your attention and there is no fixed thumb rule as such to follow. But following some simple strategies will help you in making this experience more enjoyable. Beloware some tips that can help us to prioritize, plan and focus.

Plan in advance

This may seem quite obvious but this is where most of us fail because many of us don’t research enough. It is important to plan in advance and balance between what you want to buy and what is available for discounted prices. Visit the shops in advance to scan through the prices. Check the Black Friday Fliers. Comparing themwill help us in understanding what has reduced. This will help in knowing which one to miss there by avoiding last minute scramble. Most importantly, it will help in coming up to a priority list of items in advance.

Below is a link for some of the Black Friday Ads for you.

Don’t just focus on the branded products

The branded products don’t always necessarily reduce the prices during Black Fridays. If they do then it is never on the latest products. So look at the other non-branded one’s too. There are small retailers too, in order to beat the competition, selling at reduced prices on latest products.
Below is the link to list of all retailers.

Focus your efforts on the day of Black Friday

It will be very cold during that day. Take note of various timings when specific products are available for sale.Dress properly, carry snacks and water. Start at least an hour early and divide yourself into smaller groups to cover as many retail stores as possible. Also look for cues on Facebook and Twitter. There could be several door buster deals for those who have started early and standing in lines. At the same time do not forget that there are some shops as well which to beat the competition may open late after 10 AM.

Shop ahead of time

This may sound a contradiction but shopping ahead of time before the Black Friday also has its own advantages. Both MasterCard and Visa reimburse the cost if the Black Friday price comes up to be lower than the price you have purchased. Make sure to keep all the receipts intact.

Online strategies

You can setup an alert with some of the websites to get a notification for any reduced prices or deals appearing out of no where. Below are some links. Don’t forget Cyber Monday also offers a lot of shopping options online.
Happy shopping this Black Friday!!! Fasten your seat belts and get set go. Above tips are sure make you’re shopping an enjoyable experience.

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