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Last week was Black Friday!!! As it often happens, I was swept off my feet with incessant waves of several deals trying to tempt to shell out money even when you don't want to. Of them “Bose freestyle earbuds” was one. This one was a great deal considering that the original price was $149.95 and I got it for just 64 bugs and since it was Bose -of all the other brands- was icing on the cake. I didn’t even plan for this as I generally keep myself away from headphones because my ears have an allergy. But this time I gave in to the temptation. Though this was unplanned I still had my own expectations and was thinking to return it If it was not met.

My requirements were simple. Firstly, I wanted a pair of headphones that would stay on in my ears along with a great sound while I jog.  Normal earphones wouldn’t stay on forever while running.  Secondly, my ears should not ache even if I listen to it for an hour continuously as was always the case with me. With some apprehensions, I opened the case.

Did it meet my requirements?

Let’s see if it did.

Sound Quality

At the outset, it looked like any other pair of headphones. As I sat down for my first listen the sound felt really impressive. I had previously used Apple and Sony headphones too. But this seemed a notch higher in terms of the quality of the sound as expected from any Bose product.

Comfort levels

The ear buds had an extended butterfly like wings, contoured to fit in the ridge of your ear. This way it seemed to sit impeccably into my ear without ever budging off even for a moment while I was running. I might have run for an hour without ever realizing even for a moment that I had headphones in my ears. And it did not pain either. What more these wings came in a couple of different shapes as well to fit in depending on the shape of your ear. These came in included.

User friendliness

As I was jogging, I got a call. I could immediately take the call with a single click of the button. It was also easier to both change the volume as well as to traverse from one song to another with a single click without taking out the phone.

Feature I thought was missed

Noise cancellation was one feature that I thought was missed. I had to increase the volume to avoid any external sounds. But that is not good for your ears. If anybody is looking for a wireless feature then it’s not for them.Bose Freestyle Earbuds

All in all, I thought this was a very handy headphone. I certainly recommend to anybody who has the above list of requirements as it met mine.

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