Cheap Blackberry Mobile Phones in India with Prices

June 10, 2010: Blackberry phones are very special devices for many business owners. Now, that doesn’t mean that these phones are only meant for Business people. You can also use this phone if you can dare to spend some money to own them. Here is a compiled list of some of the cheap blackberry phones available in the Indian market.

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So, let’s start the blackberry hunt.


Blackberry 8700g:

This is one of the cheapest blackberry phones I’ve ever know. The device costs just below 8000 Rupees but you would virtually get no great features from it. This is one of those oldest phones released by blackberry way back in 2004.

BlackBerry 8800:

Now, if you are looking for a better phone than Blackberry 8700g, then you should probably look at this one. The phone cost around 9300 – 9600 Rupees. The prices may vary depending on availability. This phone has GPS access and will allow you to send emails along with sms and mms.

Blackberry Pearl 8100:

Blackberry Pearl 8100, is the right choice if you are looking for slightly advanced version of BlackBerry 8800. The price of this phone can vary in betweet 9300 to 960. The device comes in Black, white and red color along with MP3 player. 1.3 MP camera with 5 X Zoom is a special features of the phone.

Blackberry Curve 8300:

Blackberry Curve 8300, comes in as a next level upgrade of the Blackberry Pearl 8100 as a part of this review. You can grab this for a price of 11,538 Rupees. This wonder phone comes with a mp3 player and a 2 MP camera.

Buy Blackberry Curve 8520: White - BlackPurple -Red

Blackberry 8320 Curve:

Blackberry 8320 Curve, has features almost similar to Blackberry Curve 8300. But this phones has Wi-Fi connectivity enabled along with the 2 MP camera and the media player. This phone can range in between 12700 – 12400 rupees.

These are some of the cheap Blackberry Mobile Phones available in the market. Hope you found this review useful. Let me know if you still have any doubts.

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2 Responses to Cheap Blackberry Mobile Phones in India with Prices

  1. Sahil says:

    BLACKBERRY 8320 TITANIUM Mobile phone 5Mp,   Hows this mobile?

  2. Sahil says:

    BLACKBERRY 8320 TITANIUM Mobile phone 5Mp, hows this mobile?

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