Cheap Touch Screen Mobile Phones with Prices

I’ve been thinking about buying a good touch screen phone for so long. But, I don’t have money to buy a high branded and costly mobile phone. So, I started collecting information about cheap touch screen mobile phones in India. So, here is the list of phone I have ended up with.

Cheap Touch Screen Phones and Prices

NOTE: The article has been updated!! But some of the phones are out of date. Check out our latest touch screen phone article.

(New) Touch Screen Mobile Phones Below 9000 Rupees.

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Samsung Corby Pro B5310:


I’m glad that I’m starting this review with one of my favorite phones Samsung Corby Pro. I was totally impressed right after looking some of the features of the phone. The phone has QWERTY keypads with great QVGA Touch Screen Display. GPS, Wi-Fi and a 3.2 MP camera remains as some of the core features of the phone. The phone comes for a market price of below 14,000 Rupees. I know the price is a bit higher than your expected, but it’s still a handy phone.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:


Now, its time to talk about Nokia. The company has produced many great and costly touch screen phones. But, XpressMusic 5800 is a completely different phone of its kind. The phone is specially designed for music lovers which has a TFT resistive touchscreen display, of 16M colors. 3.15 MP camera, with a standard resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The phone has Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth enabled and is available in black, red and blue colors. The phone is available for a price range of 12,900 Rupees.

HTC P3400:


This is a truly handy windows mobile phone that has great 2.8 inch TFT touch-screen LCD display. The phone offers both GSM and SPRS features with a very descent 2.0 MP camera. Very stylish design and easy to use user interface makes this phone a very trust worthy phone. The phone comes for a descent price of Rupees 9800 or below.

Samsung Star 3G S5603:


Yet another phone from samsung which has a QVGA full-touch screen display which has an internal memory of 80MB and can be expanded to 8GB. Impressive 3 MP camera that has digital zoom feature with video recording and playback is provided in the phone.  The mobile comes for a very convening price of 9400 rupees.

Samsung S3653 Corby:

Samsung S3653 Corby

This is yet another mobile phone that has a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display. The phone is one of the highly rated phones in the Indian mobile industry. The phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi and 3G features, but has a descent 2 MP camera with bluetooth. This phone is much cheaper than Corby Pro B5310 and comes for a market price of just below 7000 Rs.

Buy SamSung CorbyYellow - Black

Samsung C3303 Champ:

Samsung c3303 is the cheapest touch screen phone I’ve managed to find sofar. This is a GSM phone with 2.4 inches TFT touch screen display with 256 colors. 1.3 MP VGA camera with 4x digital zoom is also available. This phone is available for a stunning price of 3500 odd rupees.

Buy Champ - Black -White Red

VOX Mobile VGS-507:

This is yet another cheap phone that is available for a very cheap price. This one comes for about 3000 rupees and will have 1.3 Mega Pixels along with 2.6 display screen. It was also reported that the battery for this phone can withstand upto 4 hours.

Acer Mobile beTouch E110:

So, if you are looking for a pretty descent touch screen phone with 3 mega pixel camera along with touch screen display for a price range of about 7000 rupees, then you might consider this one. The GSM Phone has 2.8 inches TFT resistive touchscreen, with 256K colors. The phone costs somewhere around 6500 odd rupees.

Update: 9th May 2012

This post has been out of date for a while now, I would like to add few more phones in this cheap touch screen mobiles category. This is a fresh list and we edited this list on 9th May 2012. Now, let’s talk about our first phone in the updated list.

Micromax X222

Time has changed, and the prices for touch screen phones have come down dramastically over the past few months. Micromax X222 is perfect example for what I told previously. A 2.4 inch touch screen mobile with dual GSM sim support, along with basic 0.3 MP Camera is really cool for a phone that’s cost just above 2000 rupees. Apart from those features this GPRS enable phone will also have FM Radio, how cool is that.

Sansui H50T

This is the other mobile that cought my attention while looking for cheap touch screen mobiles. This phone is priced slightly heavier (just above 2300 rupees) than the Micromax X222 but this one certanly has some smart features when compared to that phone.

Starting off with its 2.8 inch TFT touch screen display, this mobile has some real smart features for the price tag mentioned. Comes with Dual sim capability and a pretty descent 1.3 MP primary camera. This handset is also GPRS enabled and has FM radio along with radio recording capability. The device has both audio and video player that can play MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4, 3GP files. 3.5 mm audio jack should be really handy.

So, these are the phones that needed attention right now. If you are planning to buy a cheap touch screen phones, then you should take these into consideration.

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64 Responses to Cheap Touch Screen Mobile Phones with Prices

  1. rems says:

    there are many cheep mobiles in india. but made in japan set is more better than to indian mobiles.

  2. rahul says:

    how is the videocon V1666

  3. sabu says:

    i want a sony errision text pro with 3g.plz help

  4. sunitha says:

    helloo….frnsss….could any one suggest me a touch moble wth qwerty…in nokia or samsung…..around rs.10,000…:)

  5. sudeshna says:

    hi,pls tell me nokia 5530 at wat price i can get? or it is not available in the market anymore.

  6. Prafful says:

    go with samsung S5253 ,,,best touch screen phone in the category of rs 6000/- 3.2 mp camera,wifi .and many more other features

  7. Ace says:

    hi does anyone know a nokia touchscreen phone with wifi and a camera of atleast 2 mp that is about Rs.7000/-

  8. vicky says:

    plz guyzz tell
    is nokia C5-03 better or not???

  9. murali krishnan says:

    more models should be published below Rs.4000/-

  10. aman says:

    “Samsung Star -2″  WIFI+Touch+3.2cam+touch wiz 3.O  for only Rs.5800/- .Sure it will pack a punch as true design copy of apple I-phone 4 mini. It is not having Bada OS(Don’t believe on sites as i bought one). It’s a propreatry samsung OS similar to the latter. Except for the ‘Dolphin’ browser, rather  install opera mini 6.1,works like a charm.Every thing is just fine.

  11. jayant says:

    is there any touchsceen phone under 5500 .

  12. Balu says:

    hi frndssss nokia 5233 touch ph is very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Prasad says:

    Frnz dont worry, do you want good mobile with touch screen, just go for Micromax PIKE or Micromax PShych,it’s very cheap. it costs 3200 & 3600 respectively,enjoy yarr

  14. roshan siddy says:

    hai……..”m just lookin 4 a cool touch screen mobile 4 7ooo….yup suggest me one…

  15. ayush says:

    can any1 suggest me good mobile within range of 1000Rs with many functions like dual sim,touch screen,wi-fi,bluetooth etc..tell me i can not spend more than 1000Rs on such on bloody device….do tell me..waiting

  16. Sid says:

    samsung has launche new touch screen dual sim fon in 4000 Rs.,…..check it out guysssssss…gud deal in that price

  17. rupendra says:

    i want  any    touch screen phone at cost of 3000to4000nice one

  18. Rupesh says:

    Its  amazing to see such a wide range of mobiles on india365 , the best location for world class mobile phones .

  19. SHANBHAG says:

    can any body sugest good touch screen mobile with gravity sensor arond 5-6 k

  20. Sunam says:

    i i am talking about second hand only!!  does anyone have a samsung corby at good condition of about 5-6 months old!! within rs 2000!!

  21. pro says:

    Well, HTC hosts some cool touch screen phones.
    HTC SMART (cheap but quality smartphones 3  mp camera) comes for 6200 – 7000 rupees currently.
    HTC Wildfire (Descent phone with 3g Wi-fi and 5 MP camera) comes for 12000-13000 rupees.

  22. Sunam says:

    hi!! can anyone tell me if i can get any touch screen mobile for below rs 2000 with 2.5 mg cam, internet browser, email, mms,bluetooth…. my

  23. Pls….suggest me cheap n best touch screen phone with gud camera

  24. harman says:

    lava a 10….micromax x 600…..micromax 550 qube…..main kon sa mobile lu ….pls tell me

  25. Shobu says:

    Pls….suggest me cheap n best touch screen phone with gud battery life…

  26. Priyam says:

    plzz suggest me a gud 3g mobile wid touchscreen..n ranging abt 6000 to 7000…plzzz asap..

  27. saquib says:

    suggest me the touch screen mobiles below range of   9000….

  28. jassi says:

    Kindly suggest me the touchscreen mobile having  features of 3G, 3MP Camera, Good Battery life, dual sim in the range of Rs.6000-Rs.7000/-

  29. kush katiyar says:

    using nokia 5800 i felt very comfirt nd i am happy for getting such a many functionable mobile in cheap range

  30. Gourab says:

    Alwaz go for NOKIA 5233 in the comparison of corby vs 5233.. There are lot many user friendly features supported by 5233. And in case of GPRS facility 5233 ranks well ahead..

  31. harshit says:

    guyzz… tell me which 1 is better

    CORBY or NOKIA 5233…..?????

  32. suresh says:

    i want details of touch screen mobiles

  33. anmol says:

    suggest me an sumsung phone whose range is below 6000 rupees

  34. akz says:

    I am user for sony ericsson vivaz pro. nothing problem,just battery always lows, maximum battery is 10 hours .I used 4month i want sell my phone. I need serious buyer ,only Rm 750.tq

  35. chetan says:

    Please suggest cheap mobile phones with all good features, but “without camera”.

  36. Vikas Bhardwaj says:

    Milind you should go for LAVA A10. You can get this phone around Rs. 4500-5000 and it has all the great features like – touch screen. 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash, gravity sensor,very good looks, 3.5 mm jack, FM, MP3, video player and many more.

  37. surya says:

    tell me a nice touch phone around 10000

  38. aakrr says:

    Hi guys! I found an awesome touch screen phone with best features that fit your budget… Its the new launch: Motorola EX128… Just Rs. 5290, with 3 MP camera!

  39. vaishak says:

    yep there is nokias 5233  its good .felt great using it

  40. admin says:

    Its hard to find a good touchscreen phone for 4000-6000 range but you can always find one any way. In fact, there are many new touch screen phones these days!! I shall update the list soon.

  41. animesh das says:

    Is there any NOKIA TOUCHSCREEN PHONE in the RANGE of RS. 4000-6000. Please Tell ME if there is any other CHEAP TOUCHSCREEN PHONE in the RANGE OF RS. 4000-6000.

  42. Sukhdev Taneja says:

    Can anybody suggest any cheapest Mobile which have 5 Mega pixel camera and have inbuilt Wi Fi or Wlan card for accessing internet from BSNL broadband? I mainly used this mobile for taking high quality picture and I want to connect my mobile to my wifi router to access fast internet on mobile too. Is it possible to access broadhand interent from BSNL Router or wi fi modem too? I do not want to spend much money on mobile. My budget is near Rs 6000/-. I do not want other specification in my mobile much.

    Please Suggest


  43. SKM says:

    toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………… hot

  44. Alisha says:

    Dear Amit, if u want just a touchscreen phone, go for Samsung Champ. Its really nice. It is a music phone with dual speakers. I’ve been using it since August. Sound is good and it has TouchWiz which makes it a good touchscreen phone. It cost me Rs4500 when I bought it but I think the price has lowered now. The biggest drawback is it is a Java based phone and has VGA camera. Dont go for it if u want a good camera. I suggest u go for Nokia 5233 if u want a touchscreen phone with good camera.  It costs around Rs6300 but its worth it. Its sound quality is not good.

  45. AMIT BHARDWAJ says:

    suggest me a touch screen mobile phone below range of Rs5000

  46. naidu says:

    samsung is a good phone but then the nokia is altimate just go for nokia 5233 

  47. Pankaj Modi says:

    i like nokia 5800. its awesome among all other.. i’ll buy it after 2 months when i get my salary..

  48. shebin says:

    is samsung champ  good?????? which is best touch screen

  49. ask me says:

    samsung’s music sucks…BASS comes as if music runs on pots……nokia is much better for cheap touch phones…………….I recommend to get an iphone from US or singapore….rather cheap there

  50. mohan says:

    u can go for 5530 its good

  51. krupali says:

    suggest me the best touch screen phones below 12000 range

  52. sumit says:

    Plz provide me detail of  a Cheapest mobile with Following config
    Touch screen, min 2 MP camera,
    3G, email, Document Viewer of all branded mobile companies
    on my email id regularly

  53. MILIND says:

    Is there any NOKIA TOUCHSCREEN PHONE in the RANGE of RS. 4500-6000. Please Tell ME if there is any other CHEAP TOUCHSCREEN PHONE in the RANGE OF RS. 4000-6000.

  54. drlvkpl says:

    also check out HTC smart….

  55. drlvkpl says:

    why is nokia 5235 not mentioned here???
    samsung monte is also very good!!!

  56. Maaz says:

    Only Samsung S3653 Corby is cheap! Every thing else listed hear is expensive.

  57. Alli says:

    Corbi is the hot favorite cellpone model  used these days and yea nokia music xpress is also good one :)

  58. Neev Jain says:

    Nice Post but Nokia 5800 is too good It as all great features , more than corby pro that to in just 12000 :)

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