CKWL Chances of Confirmation – Case Study

So, today I booked a tatkal ticket from IRCTC and, unfortunately, I got a message with CKWL, lets say CKWL 7. This was a strange outcome for me as I have seen such message for the first time.

I was confused initially and then did a quick google search for find CKWL Chances of Confirmation for my tatkal ticket. After some initial search, I found that the chances of ckwl getting confirmed are very less when the number is greater than 10 but I can expect a confirmation ticket if my ticket has CKWL 10 or below. Many people suggested that if your ticket has CKWL 1 on your Indian railway ticket then chances are getting confirmed are almost 100 percent.

34 hours left and I am seeing no change on my ticket status. It is still at CKWL 7.

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