Configure | Setup FIFA 11 Keyboard Controls for PC Gamers

FIFA 11 is finally out on consoles and PC. The game gives better control over of the gameplay and allows the player to customize things as he/she wanted. However, few PC players are still finding it difficulty to play the game, as the keyboard settings were too difficult to configure. If you are a keyboard player, then I seriously advice you to grab a joystick to experience better comfort of the game. If you can’t afford to get one, then these settings might just help you to play the game (but, you might not experience full control over the game though).

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So, here is how we do it.

1: Click on the FIFA 11 icon on your desktop.

2. Go to Game Settings

3. Switch to In-Game Keyboard tab and configure the settings as mentioned in the image that follows.


A – Lob, Cross, Slyding tackle

S – Pass. Standing Tackle

D – Shot

W – Switch player, Triger Run

E – Sprint

X – Thrue ball

C – Stop the ball, Pace control

Above is a screen shot (found on the internet) that can help you configure your keyboard settings for the game.

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17 Responses to Configure | Setup FIFA 11 Keyboard Controls for PC Gamers

  1. chil'z says:

    it soooo good fifa 12……..

  2. WEWE says:

    Azerty config or Qwerty config?

  3. roger says:

    thnx dude really helpful

  4. Dipankar says:

    How to change the auto switching option using keyboard????

  5. Dixon Kannur says:

    Thanks dude………..!!

  6. Pranesh says:

    You can get the functionality of the keys from the game itself. For quick info do a google search or find the info in this to configure fifa 11 settings
    As for celebrations, you can use skill move key along with player switch key while using shoot, lob etc,. Just try with different combinations for different celebrations..

  7. sush says:

    Hey..wat r d celebration keys(controls)  for Pc Keyboard..

  8. Gippy says:

    how to change keyboard controls………..plz help me……….

  9. varun says:

    can anybody tell me which key is for standing tackle???
    and how can i use a single key for sprint as well as standing tackle???

  10. daemonslayer says:

    wat is “RS” in these types of controls?? rply as soon as possible..

    • admin says:

      Well, right stick is not shift. I remember it is combination of keys for different moves. Look into EA Forums for more help.

  11. prince says:

    how can i cange the controls so that after pressing some button the movement keys will become the skill buttons….just like fifa 10..???

  12. RCKM says:

    I need help in same thing that Chetan, jOSH and SokiN. How can I change defensive controls or those things?

  13. SokiN says:

    This is what i’m looking for too… To combine shoo with standing tackle etc, as every FIFA game till now.
    Does anyone know a way to do this?
    Thnx in advance!

  14. jOSH says:

    Hey man!!..thx a ton for the keyboard controls!!…cld you help me with the defensive controls as well such as standing tackle, sliding tackle &  also the modifier key, fake key!!…THX IN ADVANCE!!

  15. Chetan says:

    how do u change the controls such that the button for standing tackle and shoot is one and the same….

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