Fifa 10 Right Analog Controller | Joystick Trick Stick Settings

In my previous post (Best Team In Fifa10 – With Tips and Tricks in The Game) for Fifa 10 series one of the commentator said…

ANY NEW DETAILS ON TRICK STICK.. its not working so well.. im NOT impressed with the new Defending system.. its not the same its so much harder to defend ARIAL ATTACKS and crossing from the computer is so constant in this game..

This articles is done keeping his problem in mind and I know there are many more with same sort of problem. In this post, I’m gonna reveal how to Configure right analog controller and trick stick settings in for joystick or gamepad for FIFA 10 (PC). Note that the whole process mentioned below was explained by my friend Nalin Venkat and all credits goes to him.

Simple Process: Buy Xbox 360 Controller from here, it works great for any fifa series (fifa 10, fifa 11) games. I seriously recommend it. You will no longer have to follow all this process, you get right analog working right away. Note that xbox 360 controller works with operating systems windows vista or greater.

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It’s one of my friend Nalin Venkat, who revealed the trick and I have to thank him for his help. This tip also works with previous versions of the game i.e FIFA 09, FIFA 08 etc. Before I talk anything about this; I’ve to tell you one thing, this tip mayn’t work  for all controllers but works with most of them. This tutorial should work with joysticks namely Zebronics, Logitech, Saitek, Topway etc. Now, here we go.

This settings are typically for windows OS only. Connect your USB Joystick to your PC, and go to control panel and click on Game Controller. Now, once you click on that you should see the following screen with the Name of your Game controller.

Joystick Name In Control Panel

Joystick Name In Control Panel

Type the name of your joystick in a notepad and save it in your PC. Now, just go to windows RUN program (Hotkey : Windows Button + R ) and type regedit in it. The following screen shot illustrates this.



Click on OK. Now, you should see the following screen on your desktop.



This is called Registry Editor, and here is the place where you need to rename your joystick to make your right analog controller or trick stick work properly.

Now navigate to the following location “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet002ControlMediaPropertiesPrivatePropertiesJoystickOEM” by clicking on the “+” button as shown in the above pic. Here is how you will be navigated once you click on the “+” button. Note: If you are using wondows vista this is the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlMediaPropertiesPrivatePropertiesJoystickOEM



Navigate yourself until you reach the OEM folder. Once you are there, the registry editor should look something like this.

OEM_Click on Image to Maximize

OEM_Click on Image to Maximize

Now, all you need to do is to select each and every folder under OEM to find the sub folder under which your joystick name exists. Once you find your joystick name you are nearly done.

Double click on the “OEMName” file, you should see a dialog box with your controller name in it. Now,  replace your controller name with one of the following controller names.

1:Logitech Dual Action

2:Logitech RumblePad 2 USB

3:Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad

Once you replace the controller name, click on Ok and close the Registry Editor. Now, just go into the game and check if the controller is working. If the controller doesn’t work just use name of another controller listed above and try again. If you are using any one of the following joysticks i.e Zebronics, Logitech, Saitek or Topway one of the controller name should work.

Windows 7 Update:

If you are using a windows 7 pc then here the process that might work for you. Thanks to “jhony19ro” who took some time to write up this stuff.
Hi to all. I discovered how to make right stick working on windows 7 in fifa 10 !

run regedit.

go HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SYSTEM-> CURRENT CONTROLSET->Control->MEdiaProperties->Joystick->Oem
find the name u have in control panel of your gamepad and rename to Logitech Dual Action. if u have more gamepads rename them diffrent(Logitech Cordless,Xbox Controller…serach for officials gamepads on google ;) )

For xp and vista the admin had helped you. Hope i helped windows 7 users. Admin u should write this up in your tutorial. Goodbye all!!!!

Hope that helps. Any help, comments and suggestions about this post are always welcome.

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203 Responses to Fifa 10 Right Analog Controller | Joystick Trick Stick Settings

  1. puyol says:

    Sir Kindly Provide download link to download frontech 3d joypad JIL-1731 drivers link i searched every where in internet but no use

    kindly provide for drivers link

  2. Ranju C A says:

    Hey Admin, I have frontech 3D game pad (JIL-1731)…will it work for fifa 10…if not tell me the procedure to solve d problem…thank u….

  3. salmansoccerbangladesh says:

    amazing my blackcat gamepad didn’t work but after editing with “logitec dual action” (state above) the tricks works

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks a lot.It worked for me.
    But i had to change names under all the controller sets.
    You are a great man.But how did YOU find it?

  5. Ajay says:

    Hey, i’m playing fifa 12. And i followed your instructions. And although my Frontech JIL1731 rigght analog stick did do slightly better, it still isn’t functioning properly. Any tips?

  6. shivam says:

    HEY! i have a usb analog joystick
    when i switch of the analog the right stick display button
    and when i switch if on its not working it is not working in
    right and down direction
    please help me out of this problem

  7. Shivam Annapure says:

    I have usb joystick
    when i have didint button mt right analog stick diplays button 1234
    when i have presed analog button my right analog stick dont work with down and right direction

    i have win7 .intel core i3 processer please help me!!!!

  8. Bhagat says:

    I have joystick of quantum and my right analog is not working…..tell me how to do tricks with it.

  9. Bhagat says:

    I have joy stick of Quantum and I can’t do ticks in fifa 09

  10. Jay says:

    Hi I have FIFA 06  and I bought a ENTER-WORLD company Gamepad with 2 Analog buttons and 4 direction buttons and 4 buttons for the tricks plus 2 analog sticks.
    My controller name in control Panel is showing “Macro Vibration Joystick”….ive tried to change the names in regedit however the moment i select the playing sides in the game and select the controller option to play…the moment the game is about to start FIFA 06 screen crashes….
    Please advise how to solve the isse.

  11. viper says:

    i hve 2 joysticks nd d 1 in wich it worked aint with me… im plying using d sinolite……bt not wrking

  12. viper says:

    i chnged d name to all 3 mentioned but pc doesnt recognise it… still says SinoLite USB Dual Vibration Joystick……..the axes are 0,1,2,5, in regedit.but in d game it doesnt recognise it….i chnged in my othr joystick nd it worked proper…..
    plzz help!!

  13. vikas says:

    mine joystick is more cheaper than you :D :D i bought that Quantum generic usb joystick only for Rs.150… :P

  14. vikas says:

    plz help me i changed generic usb joystick to logitech dual action , logitech rumble pad and that saiket one also but none of them works plz help me …. my right analog stick works same as button 1 2 3 and 4 in all games :( :( :(

    • admin says:

      Dude, I tested it with cheap (300 – 500 rupees ) frontech and logitech joysticks and it worked for me. I don know for rest of the joysticks.

  15. vikas says:

    i changed all ichanged allregistries controlset001 002 curest user local machine and tried all name but still my right analog stick works as button 1 2 3 4 :’(

  16. vikas says:

    hey admin i tried saitek name also but problem still exist :( …. myu window is windows 7  ….plz help me /…………/./

  17. vikas says:

    hello plz help me i have generic usb joystick i changed name of it in regedit from generic usb joystick  to lgitech dual action but problem still eist .. problem is that my right analog stick works same as my button 1 2 3 and 4 ….
    help help >>

  18. vishwas says:

    hello i use atek joypad and the right analog stick is working as button 1,2,3,4 .

  19. Sriram says:

    it worked.thnx.but my joystick is working on its own. :o

  20. Gautam says:

    Hey, I followed your steps and it works AMAZING!! The only problem is I cant get the gamepad to vibrate. I use a Zebronics 150jp! I tried for drivers and its up to date!

  21. Nauman says:

    HEY i  have a crystal joystick ..i Hve the same prob..My right stick wont work ..
    wen i go to “setup joystick controllers ” my right analog wont work …PLS help
    And i use win7

  22. sudheer says:

    hey dude..plz help me out with this problem i searched in the OEM folder but all i see in all the subfolders is OEM data, there is no OEMNAME file..plz help btw im using windows 7and it show generic usb stick in control panel..thank you

  23. Granit says:

    patstyalion 2 fifa 2010 , how to move goalkeper defended freekick ????????

    • admin says:

      @GRANIT, I think you should click your right analog stick to activate the keeper and move accordingly with left analog stick. Not very sure about PS2.

  24. RANGA says:

    ya but i brought this two days before. so if possible try to find that for me plz:)

  25. RANGA says:

    hey i tried the above settings and changed my name to Logitech Dual Action. But still there is some problem. Is there any changes to do in my system? In the driver cd they told to change the ” keyboard & mouse settings” but in windows 7 i can’t find that in control panel. Is there any other way to change the settings. please help….. I am using PU401 model  joystick.

    • admin says:


      Dude, this settings work with cheap 200 – 400 rupees zebranics joystick. Why don you get one any try. I don know how to get your PU401 model working.

  26. vipin says:

    can any1 tel how to do all power moves in street fighter4 with normal joystick.. those moves can only be perform by right analog stick.

    Admin wat u say about this.. any idea??

    • admin says:

      @vipin, Dude, there must be some tweeks to set things up. I don’t know much about street fighter4. Check out the gamepads that support your game and try to replace the name of that gamepad. This is just a hint, may work or may not.

  27. Vijay says:

    It worked on a Enter gamepad i bought from roadside market thanks a lot!!!

  28. danish says:

    hey im using quantum gamepad………and i have tried this method in windows 7 ultimate….but my right analog stick is not doing ticks…please help me…

  29. sam says:

    hey admin
    i have a !NEXT game pad which i have not been able to use in the game FIFA.
    I followed all your instructions prior but there was no name of my game pad in th registry files , the name that shows in control panel but not in registry file.
    in control panel >game controller> generic usb joystick.
    iam using a dv4 hp laptop 4gb ram, vista….plz need your assistance.URGENT!!!

    • admin says:

      I don’t know the settings for vista. Some body posted the comments for setting the gamepad in vista. Why don’t u check those.

  30. mazen says:

    I play fifa 2010 on pc every day and i want to use the analog right stick  but i dont know how and i have est controller pleas help me

  31. Hello All,

    After 2 days of analysing this post I managed to make it work.
    How I did it.
    1st of all there are 3 places in registry were you have to change your controller name. Search them with the registry find function.
    Here is were i found mine:


    After you change the name in registry, to check if you did it right you can check in Control panel/Devices/Game controler to see if the name of your joystick changed also here.

    I use 2 ps2 controllers connect through usb. The computer see them as Twin USB joystick, and I changed the name into Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad.
    Afterwards I have to change the buttons in the game to match my old settings and that was all. Good luck with that and Thank you Admin for this great post.

  32. vipin kumar says:

    those who need vibration for thier joystick, u can try downloading the twin shocker driver. its very small in size if any1 needs it let me know.. i can even send the mail with attachment of that driver. that works with most of the gamepads.

  33. stephen cesc says:

    i am using windows xp …how can i play wirth joystick….?plssssssss

  34. em says:

    u n ur frend r the commom mans heroes
    thanx alot

  35. MAC says:

    I had this Issue in fifa 11, after somehow i managed to get it work. Thanx for ur tutorial,it was semi helpful.

  36. deepanshu says:

    change the name in both control set 001 and 002

  37. rem says:

    omg..thanks alot guys.nw i can finally make use of the trick key afta so many years.thanks alot!! realli appreciate it

  38. Archangel says:

    pls help…..

  39. Archangel says:

    will this work with pes 11

  40. Nikhil says:

    gamepad is ZEB150jp, its analog sticks are workin properly.. ther is no option ther in control panel to enable vibration.
    can you please tell me any link that provides its driver file for windows 7

  41. Nikhil says:

    master, how to enable vibration of Zebronics gamepad? im usin win7 & game is NFS(which supports vibration)

  42. soutrik says:

    thanks………………….i am grateful to you

  43. Marc says:

    Thanks for this toturial ^.^
    It really help…
    And exchange the name of the gamePad to “Logitech Dual Action”

  44. vitor says:

    hey guy i want help the name of my controller is usb gamepad and i can´t find it in the oem folder plz help

  45. rohan says:

    i am using fifa 10 in windows 7, quantum key pad

    I have found the path in the registery setting, and changed to logitech….but the skill move modifier button is still not available for my key pad………..after changing the register, if i go back to the control pad, it still says generic usb controller, but in registery it says “logitech dual action”…….pls help

  46. ondre says:

    name of my joystick is cumin as USB Joystick n did all dat u said nothin worked plzz help

  47. ondre says:

    I did as u said the name of my joystick is cumin as USB Joystick
    did all u said but der is no change!!!!!!! plzz help

  48. ondre says:

    hey I did as u said the name of my joystick is cumin as USB Joystick
    did all u said but der is no change!!!!!!! plzz help

  49. pratim bhattacharjee says:

    @PRATIM: m not able to find any registry file relevent to the one in the control panel…i searched the control set 1 nd 2 both…bt still no use….my joystick name in the control panel is generic usb joystick…m using windows vista nd frontech joystick!!!! plss help!!!

  50. Jérôme says:

    My controller ( Trust Predator gm-1520T) works with this hack in Windows 7. Just renamed it to Logitech Dual Action.
    BUT I still have a problem: the right stick directions are not correct. Left is up, right is down, Up is left and down is right…
    Can someone help me on this one?
    Maybe devdata needs to be adapted, i d k,
    Please help,
    Kind regards

  51. soyuz_dnb says:

    i’ve changed in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet002…….. folder and didn’t worked for me. than i changed in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001 folder too, and it’s working fine now. thanks for the help, and hope this helps all you, who couldn’t make it work till now.

  52. Arjun says:

    @Aniket :  hey even I am using WIN 7 and playing mostly Fifa O8 with it, keep tryin’ and u’ll get the correct config.
    the key settings change after the renaming thing, now to accept every option u gotta press button 2, instead of 1 and similar things like that here and there

  53. Arjun says:

    i needed this tutorial from a long time, thanx a lot !!

  54. Darcy says:

    thanx for the win 7 trick it worked fine with me :)   the problem which im getting is that i cannot select the players while 2 controllers(gamepads) are connected. As soon as we select the controllers for each team, the game starts automatically instead of the team management page being opened :S please help…i really want to play this game but this problem is hindering it…thanks alot

  55. abhishek says:

    thanx a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt it worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss greatttttttttttttttttttt thank u thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  56. abhishek says:

    hi buddy how to get skill modifier button on game pad for fifa 2010

  57. sid says:

    heyy hi..i got a new frontech 3d gamepad JIL1731.I installed the driver but in game controller i couldnot find the macros i’m unable to use up my game pad.can u help..plss.

  58. kumar says:

    i tried all the names given above.. but none of it is working… same old crap… not able 2 do the tricks wid rite stick.. :(
    Plz help,.,.,. :(

  59. stu says:

    Got a Saitek P2600 Rumble Force Pad, running Win 7.

    I’ve tried renaming the Regedit and D/L the DevDat file etc.  My player just runs to the top of the screen when he receives the ball.  The offical site states my pad is supported on the windows settings which I’ve also done, but still not working.  Any suggestions pls.

  60. Gautham says:

    Absolutely Brilliant Registry hack :)
    Works splendidly for me.

  61. JulianS says:

    TYVM sir.I am not sure exactly what cause the game to not work…I looked at my updates and found a windows update that has been causing some programs to not work, so I did a system restore and reinstalled the game. Next I will retry the solution posted here and I hope it works. Well my controllers are old as hell maybe I should just get a new one that works with the game anyway. :) Regardless, thanks for your help and helping the community!

  62. JulianS says:

    Hey there. I appreciate your posting this fix, unfortunately it does not work for me. I tried both this and changing the devdata file as recommended elsewhere…unfortunately when I did this it messed up my install and the game no longer works, even after I put back the old devdata file. I guess I have to reinstall, however I REALLY don’t want to lose my saved season, but I cannot find where the season saves are stored, does anyone know? Any help is very much appreciated!

    • admin says:

      @julian s, you need to replace the name of the joystick you currently have with the default name(i.e the name you saw when you entered the registry files). Everything will be alright!!

  63. Uranbold says:

    Woow tnx u much MY WINDOWS 7 is WORKING perfect that way…. Tnk u for your support!!! Good site…

  64. Aniket says:

    hey friend,
    im stll trying …plzz
    but tell me one thing whn i changes the nanes joystick controlls ws chane a bit ..
    so trying it all again ..wid precision wrk …But any chances i cn get ur mail id

  65. Aniket says:

    hey buddy i tried what u tld..but its still not workin ya. im usin Zebronic joystick..
    i changed tht both controll set 002 & 001..but still its nt wrking …dude plzz help me plying fifa2008 (u cn mail me ur cell no i’ll cal u )

    • admin says:

      @ ANIKET,

      It worked for most of the folks who commented!! So, keep trying properly and it wll work for you too.

  66. Faris says:

    this is just to hard… tried following @jhony19ro way but i still can’t do it… @admin can i go to a computer shop and ask the person to do this for me? cause i’m really not sure at all what i’m doing..

  67. Faris says:

    Hi i tried to do everything you said but it didn’t work.. i’m not sure i did it correctly cause i’m not 100% sure what i’m doing.. default name : USB vibration joystick i’m using Windows 7 please help me..

    • admin says:

      @faris, the process works with windows xp. But few folks also commented how to set things up in windows 7. So, follow the comments to find out more.

  68. Outonexile says:

    Have tried everything nothing work…. I am using Logitech Precision controller with windows 7 (64bits) Can any one tell me what else to do…
    I guess i have to throw my gamepad and get a new one

  69. Vic says:

    ah…to some extent the new file path has worked…now, although i have no option for the modifier or trick stick and it dosnt seem as though the first touch works i believe these are things that are more to do with Fifa10′s functions and my poo play :)
    Much help people :) i shall defo use this site again…

  70. jhony19ro says:

    Vic folow my tutorial. 100% works. if not, contact me at (on messenger or email) to help u
    but first do this again    cmd(run)  ->  regedit   ->
     HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SYSTEM-> CURRENT CONTROLSET->Control->MEdiaProperties->Joystick->Oem   change ur gamepad name to Logitech Dual Action

  71. vic says:

    yo im not sure what to do …i tried your way with no problems accept it didnt do anything….things is i have noticed that when using my keyboard (ingame) i have the settings for trick modifier and trick stick….but when using a controler these settings arent even there…im baft…my controller seems to have no name or significant markings an i use windows 7

  72. jhony19ro says:

    Hi to all. I discovered how to make right stick working on windows 7 in fifa 10 !
    run regedit.

    go HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SYSTEM-> CURRENT CONTROLSET->Control->MEdiaProperties->Joystick->Oem

    find the name u have in control panel of your gamepad and rename to Logitech Dual Action. if u have more gamepads rename them diffrent(Logitech Cordless,Xbox Controller…serach for officials gamepads on google ;) )

    For xp and vista the admin had helped you. Hope i helped windows 7 users.  Admin u should write this up in your tutorial. Goodbye all!!!!

    • admin says:

      @Johny, thanks buddy. Posted windows 7 update with credits to you. Thanks for creating wonderful environment here.

  73. kulls says:

    i think there some error in my OS. After i format C and install XP sp-3 again ur regedit procedure works fine. Thnx a lot.

  74. jhony19ro says:

    oke admin thanxs. hope i will find another solution. who has vista and xp have fun  !

  75. jhony19ro says:

    Leno now i saw your advice, but at me doesnt find a third place ..   :( do you  have a messenger id ?

  76. jhony19ro says:

    HI ALL !! PLS HELP!     sorry for my english :D
    I did this tutorial for several times, but still doesn’t works! I reinstalled fifa and windows,  i did other tutorials(changing,  xbox 360 emulator) but still nothing :( . By readinf this comments I Observed that a lots of windows 7 users(or all)  have problems in resolving this issue of fifa 10. All changed the name to Logitech Dual Action, but in control panles still appears Usb Joystick or something like that, right ?
    My question is : Please tell me someone who uses windows 7 and resolved this problem??!!? I think is a way to do this,because on xp works perfectly,why shouldn’t work on 7 ? pllsss    thanks

  77. Arvind says:

    and my joystick is Topway…..

  78. Arvind says:

    hey ,,,in my pc .the joystick name is given as” USB Joystick” .should i write the same in the notepad and sav……if yes shall i sav it in “My Documents ” itself in any name ???????

  79. kulls says:

    before i edit reg as u say,  also both analog stick wont worked. As u directed i think dis will work. Do u know something abt dis product(ZEB-150JP)?  Espclly abut the fnctning of its analog stics. I feel someone(zebronics) robbed me. My money lost. If i know dis earlier ill not buy dis prduct . Plse infrm me about Logitech Rumblepad2 . Does its sticks fnctioning correctly?

    • admin says:

      @kulls, this worked in Windows xp and vista. I don know if it works with Windows 7!! ZEB joypads should work fine. Please do remember to save your original name of ur game pad. Replace your name incase of trouble.

  80. kulls says:

    hi I hve zebronics  ZEB-150JP usb joypad . I do edit the registry as u directed but both stick wount work. How 2 do it .I use XP sp3

  81. Bady says:

    hey i use frontech usb joystick which is shown as generic usb joystick in the control panel. i followed the instructions but generic usb was not present in any registry under controlset 001,002 or 003.however it was present under current control set. i replaced the name there and now it just wanted to let u guys know that it might work this way too… :)

  82. Laxman says:

    i tried all settings:
    default name : USB vibration joystick
    it still remains same
    i use win vista

    • admin says:

      @laxman, this works only with the joysticks mentioned above. If your joystick matches the list they I suggest you to retry the process.

  83. Dev says:

    Can any one pls upload the drivers for Zebronics 150jp joystick

  84. Debjyoti says:

    Thanks a lot i was having problems that have been mentioned before by others but the changing of name of the joystick really helped.
    I am using vista and would suggest to change all the names under OEM found in the regedit.
    Be patient and change all the possible names of the controller to “Logitech Dual Action” in “controlset” or “currentcontrolset” found in different “HKEY_” and refer the process mentioned in the above article.
    quick guide:-HKEY_…->system->controlset or currentcontrolset->control->media properties->private properties->joystick->oem and search for your joystick name.
    Search all the HKEY’s carefully,and if you dont get any system folder in it then check other.
    else text me at 9333134961 if all efforts fail.

  85. Johnny says:

    Hi… plz help me out here….
    I can use the buttons in the controller for only 1 action. I mean the one which is used for crossing cannot be used for sliding tackles, the 1 to charge goal keeper cannot be used for through balls. In fact, i have been forced to play fifa without trigger run, both tackles and through balls. Its painfully annoying. The configuration is fixed and im unable to change it no matter what and the trigger run and tackle buttons are always “empty”. I cannot associate them with any button. I don’t know what to do. Plz help me. Thanx in advance.

    • admin says:

      @johnny, I think the process didn’t work for you. Replace the name (OEM Name of Ur joystick) is registry file with the name you had before. That should solve the issue.

  86. Sam says:

    when will the joysick vibrate in fifa 10?

  87. Dev says:

    Can u please tell me how to put vibration mode on in FIFA 10.
    even though i put vibration on its not working.My OS is windows 7.
    In devices and printers  it is showing my joystick as generic usb joystick although i changed the name to Logitech RumblePad 2 USB in registry but my right stick is working .
    my joystick is zebronics 150jp dual vibration.

    • admin says:

      @ dev, Hey mate!!

      You should go through the process correctly. Most of the people who talked to me said that it didn’t work in the beginning. But the trick worked after doing it carefully. So, try again carefully to get it working.

      The process mentioned above is for Windows XP. For windows 7 its a different process I guess. One of the commentator wrote about it in the comments section above. Check the comments and you might find some hint.

  88. Sam says:

    sorry for double posts, but my right analog works but when will the joystick vibrate

  89. Sam says:

    i changed the oem name in both the places but still right analog doesn’t work

  90. Sam says:

    Can u please tell me how to put vibration mode on in FIFA 10.
    even though i put vibration on its not working.My OS is windows 7.
    In devices and printers  it is showing my joystick as generic usb joystick.
    my joystick is zebronics 150jp dual vibration.

    • admin says:

      @sam, well follow the instructions!! If you have windows OS then the process is different. One of the commentators wrote the procedure in the comments. Pls check the comments.

  91. Tommy says:

    Thanks for the post, also big thanks to leno! I had to replace the name of my gamepad from another location too, now it works perfectly :)

    • admin says:

      @Tommy, Glad it worked for you. There are few folks out here who say that it doesn’t work at all.

  92. ramu says:

    hey solve my problem…………….why don’t u record a video and send me to the mail(…………please help me dude ….let me tell what i did first
    first i pressed windows button and r then i clicked ok when the box came
    then as u said i went to hkey_local_machine…….then went to system……then to control set…….then to control…..then to media properties………..then to private properties……..then to joy stick……….. OEM………….then to vid_0079&pid_006………then double clicked on the OEM name……..then a box appeared………….there i changed the name my game pad to Logitech dual action………then started my game ………..i found my right stick not working………then i changed my joy stick name in control02 and also in current control……………………….. thats what i did but i am unable to do that ……..please help me …is Der any mistake????????????please send a video either in english on telugu……….i hope u would solve the problem………………10x

    • admin says:

      @ ramu

      Dude, I got the procedure from a friend and he is the one who posted the article. The process mentioned above worked for many. Pls recheck the process and do it correctly. I can’t make any video tutorials for this.

  93. ramu says:

    hey please help me i have frontech 3d game pad (model no:jil-1731) same as suvosmit .i have changed the oem name from frontech usb vibration joystick to Logitech dual action in both of the controllers then i started my fifa 10 game …….when i play a match while switching on the analog my right stick don’t work…then i switch of the analog right stick works but not as trick modifier instead as 1,2,3,4 buttons …………..what to do………i have studied all u r suggestions to others and tried but i am not able to do that…………..please help me dude.with out any skills i am bored of playing the game…i hope u soon solve my problem with a perfect reply……u can send me in telugu or hindi or english………..and sorry to not mentioning it that in my control panel its coming as frontech usb vibration joy stick before changing it when i changed it came logitech dual action……but i cant use my right stick as stick move  modifier……………and i have no problem in vibratrion…………………………….please send the message soon…….i will be again on tomorrow as i have to go to college…………….bye

  94. ramu says:

    but when i on i cant do the skills ……….and which state do u live in india

  95. ramu says:

    hey i am using frontech JIL 1731 usb 3d game pad i have done exactly as u told……when i start the game and keep the analog on then my right stick doesn’t  work……………………….. and i cant do any of the skills……………when i off the analog and use right stick it again works………..what to do …………….please say it soon…….i am eagerly waiting for u r reply

  96. DraQ says:

    hey, thx for the tutorial, it worked! its just 1 problem, i use a Genius Wireless Grandias 12V, it looks like when i play fifa10, the right analog stick is a bit messed.
    Up is Right, Right is Down, Down si Left and Left is Up. how can i fix this?

  97. Kevin says:

    I already found the solution:

  98. Kevin says:

    I have a Logitech Precision controller, its without analog sticks which I think isn’t a problem but my right movement arrow doesn’t work. Up, down and left does but right doesn’t and you can’t change movement controls on a controller in-game so what can I do?

  99. Debajyoti says:

    I am using a Zebronics 150JP joy stick  in windows 7 and the trick stick and vibration is not working for fifa 10. Pls  help

  100. Debajyoti says:

    I am using a Zebronics 150JP joy stick and the trick stick and vibration is not working. Pls  help

  101. Roberto says:

    If anyone want driver for Logitech chillstream or rumble gamepad pm me !

  102. Pradeep.J says:

    Windows 7 trick worked for me thanks!

  103. Roberto says:

    @admin Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 9:45 pm
    I brought a new one , is a Logitech Chillstream (17 Euro :) from Media Galaxy , a good one like a 360 xbox controller ! and i love it … :D

  104. arash says: fifa 10 after every game my keyboard change and dont save it.what can i do for it?

  105. leno says:

    hey guys,
    i tried what was written here and it didn’t work, but it occured to me that there might be more registry files with the controllers name (because the name didn’t change in the control panel). so i entered my controllers name in the registry’s search and found a third registry file. i changed the name there too and the control panel started showing a different name for the controller. it works with fifa perfectly now.
    i’m using a gembird dualforce controller and i named it Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad. windows 7 ultimate

  106. Thomas says:

    can you do it for dualshock3 sixaxis?

  107. Mihajlovic says:

    So that’s the reason why fifa reverts vibration and digital/analog movement to default everytime?

  108. admin says:

    Changing d name doesn’t work fr all the joysticks. That’s the problem.

  109. Mihajlovic says:

    Nevermind. Thanks anyway for reply. I found a way to do it partially, switched gamepad name to Logitech Rumblepad but only made trick stick to work left and right. Only thing left is to solve why I can’t save controller options. When I set digital movement it always returns to default analog.  Same goes for vibration and auto switching players. Strange :

  110. Mihajlovic says:

    Any idea how can I make ps2 gamepad right analog stick work on Windows 7?  Thanks

  111. Anbu says:

    hey………….. my joystick works now well with your settings…. mine is shinedata joystick….. thanks dude….. but i need my vibrator to work in windows 7…. pls help…, even in  XP its not working

  112. Anbu says:

    hey…. i use windows 7 home premium

  113. Anbu says:

    Hi…. Im using shinedata joystick…. does these settings will work for me???? still i didnt try it moreover i have the same provlem as them…. pls help me….And also my joystick doesnt vibrate in any game, it has a vibrator but in the game options, i couldn access the vibration option…. pls help me dude… i need fifa 10 wid my joystick…. :-)

    • admin says:

      @ Anbu, dude I truly have no idea with the joypad you are using. Pls consider the one mentioned in the article, they work perfectly fine.

  114. Roberto says:

    I have a problem , i have a joistic Extreme technology or something like that , i try to replace devdata.dat  but didn’t work my analog stick for tricks , i do the stuff with the regedit but didn’t work .  What should i do :-? ? help me . Pm me at please help me … sorry for my bad english :|

  115. saransh says:

    sir i am using soroo joypad i activated its vibration but it doesnt vibrate in game

  116. Rtez says:

    hey man….in control panel it was Generic USB Joystick. Just out of curiosity, i now changed oem name  only in controlset 001 and not 002….and also the other way round….it changes its name in the contol panel after i change it in controlset 001.

  117. admin says:

    I know it would work.

  118. Rtez says:

    HEEEYYYY  i ghanged it both in control set 002 and 001 only then it works…=D ….thanks man

  119. Rtez says:

    i changed it to all three names…still doesn’t work……in game controllers the name is still Generic USB …… pls help

    • admin says:

      @ There are lot of game pad files in the registry. Make sure to change the current version of the joystick. What is the name of the game pad that is shown in the control panel.

  120. Rtez says:

    HEy…..i use zebronics gamepad…..changed oem name from Generic USB to Logitech Dual Action…still the right stick doesn’t work….. when not in analog mode it behaves like 1,2,3,4…..i use xp sp2 ….. i want this trick to work mate…

  121. arsen says:

    hi i tried all names

    1:Logitech Dual Action
    2:Logitech RumblePad 2 USB
    3:Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad
    but it didnt work my pad is logitech precision game pad how can i do it to play??

  122. VIC 1 says:


  123. Internet Banking says:

    Just killing some time on Stumbleupon and I found your article . Not normally what I like to read about, but it was absolutely worth my time. Thanks.

  124. aseer says:

    i have a frontech JIL 1731 usb 3d gamepad same as buntys gamepad i have tried all the three name as mentioned above

    1:Logitech Dual Action
    2:Logitech RumblePad 2 USB
    3:Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad
    bt still itz nt workin plz help

    • admin says:

      @ aseer, if you observe all the comments here in this article, you can find that every body didn’t follow the instructions carefully and so they had problem initially. I asked them to follow instructions once again and they reworked on it, and found it working.

      So pls recheck the instructions carefully.

  125. karthik says:

    its working now man… thanks a lot…

  126. karthik says:

    forgot to mention this..the left stick is working..and the right stick is not working..all buttons r working..except the right stick(only in the game “fifa 10)..please do help …

  127. karthik says:

    hi..iam from chennai..and u?saw ur number..and i need ur help..i have vista(gamer edition)..i shall xplain wat al i did..–>control panel–>game controllers–> (what i saw was “USB Vibration Joystick)..
    and next i did all the changes u told us to do…i did the way u told ..i had 2 places to change the name of my controller..i changed it.. it dint work properly..and the name of my controller has not been changed when i again went and double clicked the “gamer controller”  in the control panel after making the changes…did it with al 3 settings u suggested …please help me..

  128. aseer says:

    hey bunty which name did u use i evn hav da same gamepad as urs frontech usb vibration joystick pls help

  129. Guiutzu says:

    Hi sorry for my english.
    I’ve tried to change name. i had windows xp sp3, it work’s perfectly, now i have windows 7 ultimate, dossen’t work… i’ve tried to put all gamepads supported by fifa and nothing. what should I do?

  130. bunty says:

    can you tell me how to change the color that indicates over a player ……
    change the joystick color?

    • admin says:

      It can be changed. Now, let me consider that you are playing with computer. After selecting the teams, you will be asked to choose keyboard or joystick. At that place you need to press shot or pass button to change the controller color.

  131. bunty says:

    hey thanks mate it worked for me ………. thanks a lot…………..
    your the great person in the world…..

  132. bunty says:

    please help dude ….. can you give me start to end instructions …….. please and tell me when will you  free to come online????????

  133. bunty says:

    i have changed all the oem names still its not working?

  134. bunty says:

    which settings ?

    • admin says:

      @ Once you change the name, restart the game and try to play the game. Check if the settings work, or else change the name to other game pad under frontech.

  135. bunty says:

    i have changed the names to Logitech Dual Action and what i do ?

  136. bunty says:

    ok i m doing that

  137. bunty says:

    when do you come online mate?

    • admin says:

      Follow the steps cleanly and it should work. Few people included the steps for windows 7 and vista in the comments section. So, catch them up if u use windows 7 or vista.

  138. bunty says:

    i m using XP sp3 .

    • admin says:

      @ Bunty. The process mentioned above should work perfectly fine if you are using XP. Just make sure if your joystick is frontech. Replace with other names related to frontech.

  139. bunty says:

    frontech JIL 1731 usb 3d gamepad this is my new joystick control panel the name of my controller is frontech usb vibration joystick ,  what should i do …. its not working after replacing names…

  140. bunty says:

    hey where do i get this 250 rupees joystick in mumbai…should i get it from laminton road ??

  141. bunty says:

    ok i’ll get it fronteck or logitech……

  142. bunty says:

    i have tried all the thing return above but its not working my gampads name is dinopad it vibrates when i play fifa 1o on pc but right stick does not works ….. any one please help????

    • admin says:

      Well, I already told you that this trick works for fronteck and logitech only, I don’t know how to proceed with other joy pads. Why don’t you get a logitech joy stick for 250 rupess and try this process.

  143. Glenn says:

    I have replaced “Twin USB Network Gamepad” with “Logitech Dual Action”. But in FIFA10 nothing changes. Should there be more things to configure in controls? or just in game.

    I use Sony playstation 2 controller connected through usb.

    Dont get it working. Any suggestions?

  144. [...] any part of the screenshots and all the copyrights belongs to EA SPORTS only. Update October 2009: Fifa 10 Right Analog Controller | Joystick Trick Stick Settings( New [...]

  145. [...] 7:Fifa 10 Right Analog Controller | Joystick Trick Stick Settings( New ) [...]

  146. suvosmit says:

    wooooooohhoooooooooooooooooo it worked…..thank u ….u r great………but i need to ask one more question when will the vibrate work in the game? right analog working…but what need to do to have vibration?

  147. suvosmit says:

    how to use the right analog stick??? when i didnt activate analog button….the right stick working like button 1,,2,,3,,4….but when i activate the analog button,,,the right stick dosnt work anymore…help please

    • admin says:

      Hey, just tell me if you replaced your controller name from Generic USB Joystick to Logitech Dual Action. Once you do that every thing should work fine.

    • admin says:

      Please let me know if you still have some problem. I will be more than happy to help you for some time now. I should leave to office by 8.30 so please make if fast.

  148. admin says:

    Yes, that’s the folder for you. Now all you need to do is to single click on that folder. Once you click on it you will see your controller name under “OEMname”. Just replace your controller name as “Logitech Dual Action” and restart the game. That should work.

  149. suvosmit says:

    nope…may be it’s different in windows 7..i have searched through registry and finally found my OEMname in this path


    will it work???????? in the name Generic USB Joystic,,,,the name is written exactly like this……

    “Generic USB Joystick ”

    i.e Generic;3gaps;USB;2gaps;Joystick;2gaps;

    should i write the name exactly this way????????

  150. admin says:

    Let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks.

  151. admin says:

    Well, if you are using frontech JIL 1731 usb 3d gamepad, and your controller shows “Generic USB Joystick” in control panel then, there must be a registry folder in OEM folder that says “OEMNAME” as “Generic USB Joystick” just Go to Registry editor as I told you and follow the steps. Replacing OEMNAME from “Generic USB Joystick” to “Logitech Dual Action” would definitely allow your controller to work properly. Vibration would also work once you get Right anolog controller activated.

  152. suvosmit says:

    oh sorry for double post….but in case u need this…i am using Windows 7 ultimate RTM.and one more question… fifa 10 pc is there any way the game pad vibrates?????? how can i make it vibrate…i made the vibrate option on but when it will gamepad supports vibrating

  153. suvosmit says:

    i did the same.but in registry window, there is no controller name for me.i am using frontech JIL 1731 usb 3d control panel the name of my controller is ‘”Generic USB Joystick”‘……

    please help

    • admin says:

      Well well, if you can see the controller name as “Generic USB Joystick” then there should be a registry folder that displays your controller name under OEMName file. Please look carefully, you would find it.

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