Right Analog Controller Joystick Trickstick Settings

Long back, I wrote a guide to help people enable their right analog controller joystick. It was a fairly easy task. This problem can arise if you are using a normal or average gaming controllers.

The process requires you to change the entries in the registry and this post will show you a video on how to do it.

Note that these settings can vary based on the operating system you use! Please note that not all registry entries are the same. You might have to tweak a little bit before you actually make the changes.

Warning: Before you make any changes to the registry, make sure to back them up! This can come in really handy if you screw things up a bit.

Follow the video below to set things on sail. If you are not clear after watching the video, then we added more instructions on configuring the gaming controllers here. In the post linked, you should find more information under the section – STEPS TO FIX RIGHT ANALOG CONTROLLER PROBLEM FOR FIFA 10, FIFA 11, FIFA 12, FIFA 13, FIFA 14 AND FIFA 15.

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