Fitness Mantra for the Year of 2016

In today’s fast world, physique and physical strength may be a matter of concern to one and all but it’s the mental strength that ultimately becomes the differentiator between overcoming weakness and losing fitness. It’s this balance that can help any individual to lead a healthy lifestyle even when under a lot of stress and tense situations.

Mirrors don’t lie; so do the weighing machines. I have seen many people’s dream world shattered at the moment of truth. Instead of thinking that to be a death knell, it should rather become the starting point of instigation. Reassessing and accepting the damage that has already been done may be a tough but most important aspect before deciding further course of action.

Trying to find the inherent motivation or passion that stimulates your fitness regime will help in dispersing most of the negativity. If you know that one sole reason it won’t be difficult to keep coming back no matter what the circumstance might be. While looking beautiful or being handsome may be a determining factor to hit the Gym for some, for others the feeling of being fit itself might suffice. Whatever may be the case it helps in overcoming hiccups and at the same time determining the longevity.

Although, it’s important to know what drives you it also makes sense in understanding what works best for you. While embracing any sport might suit some, for others it may be doing work out routines lifting weights. Some are content just doing Cardio and some relish the unpredictability of Zumba. Some also find salvation in Yoga and Meditation which may also help in increasing the mental strength. Also, one must remember that what might have worked in the past might just work even now.

For many waking up early is the toughest part. But that one hour extra in the early morning might just bring that bit of much-needed punctuality and discipline.

Keeping a buddy can always help you in beating boredom. Sometimes even though you are demotivated, your buddy might just inspire you to keep up with it. It also helps to have somebody to discuss the progress and change of plans if required.

Some do start quite well before losing focus and interest thereby getting back to their old habits. Some reasons like focusing too much on the weight loss and leanness than on fitness might be the reason. But without getting carried away, it might make sense to focus on just increasing strength, stamina and most importantly getting fitter.

Last but not least, there is a general principle that for any new habit to form at least 3 weeks is required. That time window may also serve to be one reason to keep continuing.

Let us all follow the above fitness mantra to lead a life of health and fitness this year in 2016. It may just fit in as a fine resolution this year.

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Post Author: Kiran Bandiatmakur

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