New and Realtime Funny Facebook Status

Here are some of the funny facebook status messages I received on my facebook feed, of-course I shared them right away after receiving them. I wish you guys can help me update this list to keep things tight. So, here are some of the statuses I found really cool.

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1: ‎”Fucking” is one of those fucking words you can fucking put any fucking where in a sentence and it still makes fucking sense ;)

2: Just wanna be a good guy, no matter how hard it is…

3: People always say hard work pays off in future but, why wouldn’t they think of Laziness that pays off now.

4: I used to play sports alot. Until, recently I realized that trophies are much cheaper than I ever imagined they were. You know what, now I’m good at everything.

The next one is mine,

5: I’m so happy that I’ve made $3220+ the previous night from my blog I was really excited about it until I woke up from bed early today and found that it was just a dream. Moral of the story, miracles happen only in dreams.

6: Nobody wished me a happy birthday today, which isn’t surprising really, know why?? It isn’t my birthday today!!

7: It’s too bad that not many people repeat their mistakes. I’m so good at it.

8: wanted to be a hero. He wanted the glory, he wanted the fame, he wanted the pretty girls to come up to him and kiss him.

9: Best file compression around: “DELETE” = 100% compression.

10: I want to kill the smartest person in the world… but suicide is a crime, you know!!

11: If you try to fail and you succeed, have you succeeded or failed?

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3 Responses to New and Realtime Funny Facebook Status

  1. ikram says:

    hheeehehee really it is usefull ?

  2. harvey says:

    i saw this one “penis reduction surgery” then they commented “oh shit this isnt google”

  3. Nagendra says:

    Cool post dude….

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