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There are very few people who search their Gmail effectively. This is because most people are not aware of some of the operators involved in the search. I hope this article should help you manage you emails more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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Search Syntax: Well, Gmail has many search syntax’s. But, this is going to be the basic of all the syntax’s. Use the keyword followed by the syntax, look at the snapshot to get better idea.

Gmail search syntax

From Syntax:
Use this syntax to search for incoming emails from a particular person. Syntax: “Keyword” from:email address of the person.

Syntax To:
To is used to search for mails sent by you to a particular person. Syntax: “Keyword” from: Email address of the person.
gmail search syntax to 2

Syntax in:
In is used to search for mails from inbox, trash, spam and anywhere. Choose the one you are looking for followed by the search keyword. Syntax: “Keyword” in:inbox

in 3 search syntax

Subject Syntax:
This is used to search for a specific subject. Syntax: subject: hello

gmail search syntax subject

You see the following results for the above search.

gmail search syntax subject Hello

Syntax Or:
Or is used to search multiple contacts. Syntax: from:email address1 or email address 2

gmail search syntax or

Syntax has:
Has is used for searching attachments sent by a specific contact. Syntax: from: Email address has:attachment.

gmail search has

Syntax is:
Is is used to search for stared, read, unread, muted and chat history.Syntax: Keyword is:chat
search syntax is

Hope this tutorial helped you. Your comments and feedback is truly appreciated.

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    A good tutorial for those who are not aware of the search features in google.
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  9. Seems interesting ……. it will do good to us :) .

  10. These shortcodes for search will help us in making things in a better and easiest way..

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    Its a great feature and it will make our work faster.

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