Hudhud Cyclone Pictures Covering Vizag

12th Sep 2014; the day mother nature turned violent. Its the day the winds blew off everything that came on their way. Its the day the mid noon turned dark. Its the day, the roots of many trees left the soil in which they lived for so many years. And its the very day the innocent animals of all kind lost their lives and shelter for the anger of the mother nature called cyclone hudhud.

Here are some pictures of the hudhud cyclone that we have collected over the past few hours. If you are someone who have more pictures, please send them to us. Just comment below and we will get back.

Hudhud Pictures – Darkness at Noon

Hudhud Pictures – Tidal Waves Hitting Vizag Beach

hudhud latest pictures vizag

Hudhud Pictures – People Running Away from Hudhud Cyclone

hudhud people running

Hudhud Pictures – Hudhud Vizag Destruction

hudhud vizag distruction

Hudhud Pictures – Hudhud Vizag Airport

Hudhud Vizag Airport

So these are some Hudhud cyclone pictures we gathered around. We shall update the pictures as frequently as we can. We also expect you to do your part. Send us more pictures with some description of the area and the time when the pictures are taken. We highly appreciate your help.

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