India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup Highlights WC 2016

India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup Highlights

The game starts with New Zealand winning the toss and electing to bat.

India vs New Zealand Match Highlights.

Martin Guptill Wicket

Martin Guptill opens the batting for New Zealand and Ashwin starts the first over. And guess what, 6 of the first ball. Ashwin takes revenge right in the second ball by picking out Martin Guptill in the very second ball.

Colin Munro’s hit another 6 in the 4th ball of the game and New Zealand finish the match with 13 runs on board after the first over of the game. Its drama here in the opening game of the T20 world cup 2016.


C Munro Wicket

Ashish Nehra takes the second over. 2 dots in the first two balls takes a wicket in the third ball of the match, C Munro gone after scoring 7 runs.

Ashwin comes back in to the attack in the third over of the game and NZ had certainly slowed down in the game.

Ashish Nehra is doing good in the 4th over too. 36 years of age and he certainly

Since 2014, India win percentage in T20 = 71%. New Zealand Win percentage = 61%. #1 vs #2 today #IndvsNZ

Asprit Bumrah takes the ball and 3 good balls. Just one run given in that over. India were electric in the field today. We expect the same kind of form in the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2016 game coming next.

KS Williamson Wicket in 7th Over.

7th over, Suresh Raina takes the ball. Its 7 gone, its 35/3.

Asprit Bumrah takes the ball for the 8th over of the game. Ross Taylor comes into bat after KS Williamson’s wicket. Dhoni is really putting pressure on the New Zealand batsman. Anderson steering the New Zealand team right now. After 8 its 42/3.

9th over. Raina takes the ball and NZ are running hard to get runs. Looks like a Average batting track. New Zealand are kind of struggling. Its 49/3 after 9 overs.

10th over. Ashwin takes the ball. 50 comes for NZ but for some cost and some time. Its hard work for New Zealand. Excellent shot from taylor. A lovely shot of Ashwin, its 4. That’s the experience. Its 55/3 after 10 overs.

11th over, Jadeja takes the ball. First ball, LBW miss. Second ball, edge and the ball is in the air for a while. Good signs for Jadeja.

12th over, Suresh Raina produced a brilliant runout. Its 61/4. 

Ross taylor goes. 13th over. 4 byes. Tight bowling by India.

14th over and its 78/4. It looks like a very slow game and Zew Zealand looks like they are not adapted to the game so far. And a 4  for Corey Anderson. Much needed 4 for NZ.

Dhoni looks hurt, Dhoni’s injury against New Zealand world cup T20 game is a worry for India.

Dhoni is highly expected for the India vs Pakistan WC game. After 15 overs, its 88/4. Corey Anderson and Michell Santner is looking dangerous for India right now.

 Jasprit Bumrah takes off the middle stump. Perfect Yorker. Its 89/5.

Jasprit Bumrah gets the 15th over and he is doing good so far. This man is bowling too good and good pace, 140 km/hr.

Dhoni Catches Mitchell Santner edge shot. Jadeja gets his man.

R Jadeja gets the 17th over. Mitchell Santner hits a 4 and leaves the wicket right next ball. Its 98/6. Santner ties to pull jadeja but failed miserably pops it into the hands of Dhoni, who misses very few like that.

In at 8, New Newzeland’s wicket keeper is on the field. After 17 overs its 98/6.

Just 3 overs left in the match and almost all bowlers rocked. Bumrah has his 18th over and a slow ball to start with. Can they get to 130?

Umpires are taking a close look into the stumping and the decision is not out. Ronchi picks up much needed boundary for New Zealand. After 19 overs its 111/6.

Nehra takes the final over. Looks for a run out and Nehra looked a little slow but its out. 12 runs in the last 3 balls gives NZ much needed runs. After 20 overs its 126/7.

India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup – Indian Innings

India started their innings real bad. 2 wickets down very quickly in the game and the game now depends completely on the Raina and Kholi.

I must say, Rohit was very lazy to get back to the crease.

Well, Raina goes off. Its 12/3 India after 3 overs. Meanwhile you can check out ICC T20 Schedule here.

After 4.2 overs India were 22/3. Yes, Indian players doesn’t look tensed but Indian’s are and a sign of relief after a boundary from Yuvraj Singh.  Its out. India were 26/4.

Out comes the captain in tough situations. Captain and the vice captain, statistically the two best Indian batsman are now in. Dream run for NZ in the first T20 international. Its 26/4 after 5 overs.

The game is looking like a test match right now.

6th over and its a no ball first up. Its going to be a relief shot. And incidentally one of the best T20 batsman on the field and no run. Kiwi’s are doing the magic here in India in the first T20 world cup.

77% win prediction for New Zealand win at this stage of the game. NZ’s are preforming as per expectations really. And after 7 overs its 33/4, India.

At this stage of the game NZ were 35/3 and India were 33/4. And after the wide of the first ball, India are now 34/4. Its funny that NZ were running hard for runs at this stage of the game and so do by India. New Zealand fielders are doing as good as their bowlers. After 8 overs, India are 39/4.

It looked like India would cruse through the game but the game is gripping off as India loose V Kholi in the 8th over. India were 39/5.

45/7 now India and its down to the wise Indian captain now. NZ are keeping the game very tight and India are clearly struggling to get some runs.

53/7 after 13 overs. The game is going real slow there. It looks like a easy win for the New Zealand team. India now have Bangladesh, Pakistan and Australia in the line up for India in group 2 stages of the game.

First match of ICC T20, a low scoring thriller (as long as Dhoni is in crease, you don’t know what can happen). Ashwin is holding the 7th wicket for Dhoni to do something but I guess its little to late. 12.55 is the required rate now for India with over 5.4 overs left.

66 runs needed of 30 balls and its very clear that its tough for even players like Dhoni to do something.

6 of the 1st ball of the 17th over and I am afraid India are still far far away.

Finally, the captain goes back. 79/9 and its virtually game over.

79/10 and that’s 9 wickets for spinners. India now need to look into their team and get back well.

So thats all for now. We will get back to you in the next match.

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