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India is a country of 900 million mobile phone users. Of total population of mobile phone users only 10 percent of people use smartphones, the touch screen mobiles! But the number is increasing rapidly.

It is expected that the number is going to rise in the recent future. The number is expected to grow by five fold by 2020. This trend is going to give impetus to the Indian mobile phone industry and the online retail stores at the same time. This augurs a good sign for the e-commerce retailers in the country.

xiaomi mobiles

Xiaomi has gain a vast popularity over the past few years in the country, company’s low budget high end featured smartphones are attracting the Indian costumers. Manufacturers are now focusing on high end quality on cheap prices, companies are using metals instead of plastics, 10-13 megapixel camera or 3GB ram is not something rare now. After the success of Xiaomi Redmi 2 series, Xiaomi is back with the new Redmi note 3. We had seen the first look of Redmi note 3 in last December. The phone will be made in India.

xiaomi mobile phones Design

As soon as you take out the phone from the box, it starts to give you a boast about its design and perfection, specially the gold version. Its metal body gives it a slim, sleek and shiny look.

The xiaomi Redmi note 3 comes with a 5.5 inch full-HD IPS display, the edges of the phone are accompanied by shiny rim, and this rim supports the phone to protect the screen when the phone is placed upside down. On top it comes with a 5 megapixel camera along with notification LED.

The buttons at the bottom comes with back-lit. On the right edge of the phone there comes the volume and power button and on the left side comes the Dual Sim tray. The headphone socket is located on the top of the device.

Moving to the back of the phone, there’s given a 16-megapixel camera, with a dual toned LED flash. Below the camera there’s a fingerprint sensor given, a new in the class feature and the speaker is located at the bottom of the phone. The phone comes with a 10W charger, SIM ejector and a data cable.

The quality of the materials used in the accessories seems good to go long lasting. Xiaomi has done excellent job for the looks of the phone, the shine the sleekness is great. The IPS display give excellent color and do a good job in the sunlight thanks to its Sunlight display hardware.

xiaomi new phone Specifications

Despite of Redmi note 3 is a budget smartphone, it  comes with the features like a high-end hardware components. The phone will come in two variants with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage and 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage meanwhile the storage can be extended via SD card upto32 GB.

The phone provides you and average of 74,303 in AnTuTu, which seems high than many of the expensive phone available in the market today which are based on the snapdragon 810. Performance of GPU is also impressive.

A hybrid slot has been given in which you can use SD card in the place of second SIM card. The phone is loaded with the Qualcomm chip-set, consist of category 7 LTE, VoLTE support, Fm radio, Miracast, a dual band Wi-Fi, GLONASS, BeiDou, Bluetooth 4.1, a USB OTG, but the one feature that is lacking in the pack is NFC.

xiaomi phones Software

The Redmi note 3 comes up with an Android Lolipop fork named MIUI 7, it gives the user the freedom to customize the look, and the theme store also comes with a huge and good number of themes for personalizing.

The notification bar has different tabs for incoming alerts and toggle switches. There’s given a child mode which lets you to restrict the apps for your children to access. A feature called wallpaper carousel is given which display wallpapers selected by user and it is updated daily.

An essential feature i.e. reading mode is given which can be accessed through notification bar. Talking about the fingerprints, the sensor can identify a maximum of five fingerprints.

Mi account provides its costumer a cloud space of up to 5GB for taking your important backups like photos, messages, contacts etc. There’s a option to hide specific apps which can be accessed by fingerprint authentication.
The phone has got an good feature called One-handed mode, which will allow the user to enter or exit by just swiping the capacities home button. User can also choose the size of the shrink they want for display.

The MIUI 7 console provides you around 13 languages. An extra keyboard option is also provided called Fleksy which is pretty good. The phone has got a pre-loaded app called Mi mover which helps to move the helps to other Android devices which is good for some entertainment purposes.

xiaomi phones in India with Camera

Talking about the camera the phone comes up with a 16-megapixel with wide f/2.0, the app seems very simple to use and gives you various modes for shooting modes. The HDR button is a given just next to the shutter button which is very easy to use. Just swipe down or left to play with filters. The camera does a good job with both the landscapes and the macro shots captured in daylight, color generator is pretty good too, and even in low light the focusing speed is good.

However the camera struggles little in artificial lighting, doesn’t mean the images taken in low light are too bad. The dual-tone LED flash gives a good option to shoot in the low light conditions. 1080p recording is Ok and the 720p video quality also not cutting the edge. The front camera takes good selfies in good light conditions credit goes to the f/2.0 aperture.

xiaomi mobile phones Battery

The 4050mAh battery is non-removable, which is capable to give continuous video playback of around 12 hours. The phone comes up Qualcomm’s quick charge feature which can charge the phone to 20 percent in just half an hour. The phone can be alive on battery throughout a day without using any battery saving modes.

xiaomi touch screen mobile phones Performance

Xiaomi is packed with an amazing Android experience, call quality is good. Talking about the metal work on the phone, it gets warm on continuous video playback but it’s not the thing to worry. The phone support the amazing 4K video playback, the speaker are loud enough for the multimedia experience and for the notification alerts, music player has also got nice functions you can switch between different audio effects for better love for music. Overall the multimedia experience is quite good.

Xiaomi Drone in India

We have also heard that the chinese company is all set to launch drones on May 25th 2016 and we are expecting the launch in India too. Right now there were now talks about launching in India but we may see Xiaomi Drone in India well soon, perhaps by the end of the year. The news cameout from the official xiaomi website.

Xiaomi drone in India

Update 16th Jan 2015:

Latest Mobile Phones this January 2015

XIAOMI has confirmed two of the most awaited devices this January – the XIAOMI MI NOTE and XIAOMI MI NOTE PRO. There were rumors that the Xiaomi’s Mi4 will be out by the end of January 2015 or in the first week of February 2015.

Latest Touch Screen Mobile trend.

The growing usage of touch screen mobile phones in India gives an indication that most of the people in the country are going to buy their essentials from the e-commerce site through mobile phones. This is not an assumption. This is an outcome of the research made by the top e-commerce businesses of the country. Almost all the e-commerce sites are providing apps for the smartphone users in the country. It is quite obvious to predict that people are using their mobile phones for placing orders. Following with the trend the e-commerce businesses predict that the cost of the touch screen phones in India is going to be lower in the coming years.

Latest phones in India woo the people of the country unlike ever.

Latest touch screen phones

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People are crazy about the latest mobile phones in India. Whenever they a see a new phone being launched in the market, they go crazy about it. E-commerce websites work as the best platforms for them to see the features of the phones. As the smartphones have become affordable in the country, there has been a rise of about 90 percent in the sales. Some of the outside e-commerce businesses also have noticed a rising trend in the sales of the mobile phones in India. As the sales of the mobile phones in India increase with time, people are more often finding it easy to order in the websites through their mobile devices rather than using computers.

First time touch screen mobile phone buyers are also on the rise!

The craze of smartphones in India has made it quite easy for the people to access internet. They are finding it easy to connect thorough internet. Most of the people who order from the websites are first timers. This is quite indicative of the fact that people are becoming more tech savvy unlike the previous era. The younger generation of the country is more likely to adopt this trend unlike never. This is a surprising fact as most of the people are young buyers. It is very difficult to access internet in several parts of the country. Apart from that people are not using credit cards. It is because they don’t have credit cards. They opt for cash on delivery most of the time.

Social Media connectivity and new mobile phones 2015 trend.

For some people high-end mobile phones are just the like a farce. But for most of the youngsters in the country, it is essential to have a mobile phone. The mobile phone should have all the features to connect to the internet. Mostly youngsters in the country are following the trend like never. Students are creating groups in social media to stay connected 24*7. They are no more using message packs to send messages to their friends. They are not even calling their friends. They have the social media connectivity through apps. This is the era of mobile apps that have taken the front seat among all. People are staying connected with these apps. Whenever they need to invite their friends for a party, they can message their friends through those apps.

It’s like the inertia of being online.

This trend probably follows Newton’s laws of inertia. People of the country who know about the current trends, they get these phones in their hand. Those who don’t know about these things, they are trying to go with the trend by purchasing phones are doing what their peers are doing. Once they are connecting them to the network, they are no more looking behind. They are doing everything through internet. They talk to their friend through the phones. They can send the picture f the item to their friend to ask them whether they are going to buy that or not. They can even share that in their group. It has made things pretty clear.

E-commerce websites have launched apps for user convenience.

Apps are easy to use. These apps are very compact in nature. Once you download these apps, you can easily install them on your mobile device. These apps integrate all the necessary features. In a personal computer, you will have many things to check out. But in the app you will find only necessary things. All the items will be listed on search basing on your requirement. Then you can simply click on the item of your choice to see that. You can easily share that on the social media platform or the message app. When you get the nod of your friends, you can easily place the order. You can also track the item easily without having the need to open your PC and to check the order using the tracking ID.

The next target of the e-commerce businesses is to develop further user friendly features to make it easy for the users.

As the growing trend of mobile usage in the country facilitates the e-commerce companies, they are looking to boost their business by simply making it convenient for the users of the country. As per the recent developments, most of the online retail businesses are looking to integrate features that would empower the mobile phone users of the country. They will be having more options with the apps. The retailers are trying to make the platform as secure as possible. For that they are investing millions and devoting special teams.


The usage of the mobile phones in India is rising with a rapid speed. With this trend the online retailers in the country are making ample profits. This has made the companies war of the recent trends. They are trying to take the trend to the next level by inducting developments in the field.

Latest Touch Screen Mobiles

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