Myntra End of Reason Sale, Yet another Scam?

Well, for me, it all started with a first page news paper ad on The times of India. The front page says, “Myntra End of Reason sale, Jan 3rd and 4th starts at 8 AM. India’s biggest fashion sale ever starts today at 8 AM.”

The news paper ad also said, Extra 10% cashback on Axix Bank, Citi bank and HSBC. BIG DISCOUNTS. BIG BRANDS.

If you are a fashion freak, and has low budget to buy something, after seeing that ad, who would not rush to myntra’s website? Well, I certainly did. I’ve always wanted to buy a new pair of casual shoe in the new year 2015. And there you go!

I knew things would get busy on their website as time goes by, so I wanted to finish the purchase as soon as possible.

So, I quickly browsed through their website and found this “Puma Unisex Navy Limnos CAP DF Casual Shoes” that was priced at 999 Rupees. I though it was a good deal and added the item to my myntra bag.

I entered my current address and finalized everything, payment is all that’s left. Now, when I got into this Myntra secure checkout page, I felt like – not again! It was that moment when I felt, Myntra End of Reason Sale, Yet another Scam?

The secure checkout page says

Please note: Item prices have changed.

The price of one or more items in your bag has changed. This rarely happens, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Click on the ! icon below to see the details.

The price rose upto 1999 rupees from 900 rupees. That’s 1000 rupees extra!

It was the moment when I thought, this is not going good, not good at all. I mean, I was totally pi**edoff with the price I see on the checkout page and the price I was shown on the main page.

Myntra End of Reason Sale 2015 jan 3rd 4th scam?

As the page said, it rarely happens, I decided to give it another shot, thinking in my mind – let’s see what happens now.

So I went to the main page, got into puma section and selected the exact same shoe. Surprisingly, I still see the same old price. 999 Rupees.

Myntra End of Reason Sale 2015 jan 3rd 4th scam?

I clicked it and got into the purchase page. The price remains same! 999 Rupees with 50% off on the puma shoe.


So, I quickly clicked on buy now and made the purchase. There was some vat tax involved so the over all price stood at 1107 Rupees.


Right, now the payment is done. I checked my email for confirmation and I didn’t get one. I waited for an hour or so but I still didn’t get one. No email was received at the time of publishing this post as well. I rechecked for their email just before clicking the publish button on this page and no email. My orders page also shows me nothing about the puma shoe.


I don’t know what went wrong but from customer point of view, as a customer of their website, I really need clarity over things. I will wait till the end of the day and see what happens next. It’s too early for me to give a verdict on if Myntra End of Reason Sale is a scam but I will surely give out my word based on the response I get from them.

I was not going to contact them and look for some sort of a response all day. I will wait till the end and see what happens.

Update: Jan 3 2015.

Right, looks like myntra updated my orders page! The shoes I ordered is now listed on the myntra’s my orders page and the status is mentioned as queued. Let’s see how quickly can they deliver it. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: Jan 4 2015.

There is some progress from myntra’s side, the status page says “work in progress”. It looks to me these guys may ship my item soon. Will post more updates soon.

Mean while I have some news for you from the Myntra end of reason sale! The news paper ad stated that the sales remain active on 3rd and 4th of jan 2015. Today is 4th of Jan 2015 and the prices of the items I liked yesterday have gone up! I mean, the shoes I brought yesterday was priced at 999 rupees and now its 1799 rupees.

Puma Shoes, Puma Tshirts, Nike Men track pants, Nike Shoes, Womens t-shirts are some of the items I observed. It looks like myntra had a good sales day yesterday. Looking farward to checkout some offers for pongal as well!

The moral of the story on sales days like these is that you should try and get things as quickly as you can. Because as time goes by the prices go up.

Update: Jan 5th 2015

Myntra End of Reason Sale conducted on 3rd and 4th of jan is now becoming a big conversation point (at least between me and my friends). The status page still shows, work in progress. I think for now, there is nothing much I can do. So, I will wait.

Update: Jan 6th 2015

Myntra has slowly started annoying me. The status message still says “WORK IN PROGRESS”. One of my friends joked, “Are they making the puma shoes for you?”, “What does work in progress mean?” he added. Well, I guess they are not really making the shoes for me! All I really need is the shoes that are already available. Now back to the serious part of the article. I am still waiting for the “shipped” message on myntra’s site to show up and I hope I will see that real soon.

And for those who are looking for a myntra real time case study, here is it. I will keep the updates posted.

Update: Jan 7th 2015

Wow! My order is packed and shipped from the myntra warehouse! I should expect it very soon. Once its there, I will update you guys.

Update Jan 8th:

I got the shoes! Well, it looks like myntra’s sale is not a scam. I got my shoes for a very descent price!

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