All you need to know about Pokémon Go.

Professor Willow Pocket monsters, yes this is what Pokémon stands for. Pokémon is a colourful anime series created by Japanese game developer Satoshi Tajiri, which came into existence in mid 90’s. The game then lead to the origin of many other Comics, Movies, Cartoons and Games. And come on even if you don’t had played any of it’s game you remember the name Pikachu from the tale. As of today there are around 740 types of Pokémon listed in the series.



Pokémon Go is a new game launched just three weeks ago, and the game is setting new benchmarks as the crowd is going crazy for the game. Users are spending alot more time than any of the other social sites like Facebook, Snapchat etc.
Pokémon Go is a game from Niantic labs, and is a location based game. It is developed for smartphones which runs on Android or ios. You can find Pokémon simply by walking around and facing you mobile’s camera onto it. Don’t worry the Pokémon is virtual. Before starting the game there are few things that you should know:


1. Pokémon go is not officially launched in india

The game isn’t launched officially in india. Company stated some server porblmes as the cause of the delay in launch of the game in several countries. Meanwhile if you own a Smartphone you can have the game if you do good search for it.

2. Unofficial Apk’s for Pokémon Go may contain malicious Malware’s. 

There is no official app available for Pokémon Go in several countries, which is causing the users to go for an unofficial one. The unofficial game can contain Malware’s which can cause heavy damage to you smartphone.

3. Fake Pokémon apps on playstore.

As the game is getting some hype everywhere, there are also few people who wants to take the advantage of the situation by uploading fake malicious app in the name of Pokémon Go. Well Google continuously look after the fake malicious app, and removed some of the fake apps as well. But still you have to be carefull.


Now something from the game itself:

1. How does it works?

The game is location based, which means the map of the local area around you will be displayed on your screen, in which you will find some Pokémon which you have to catch by going places. The game uses you GPS and Data connection ( Mobile data or Wi-Fi ).

2. Gym

Gym is where you battle with the other trainers for dominance. You choose a team and try to win the gym for the team. You can also leave behind a Pokémon to win the battle and earn you some extra experience. Gyms are located at Local landmarks.

3. Strengthen your Pokemon’s

Each and every Pokémon you caught will come up with candy or stardust, these candy and stardust are used to increase the strength of you’re Pokémon. Pokémon can also be powered up by fighting battles in Gym’s from different trainers.


4. Catch’ em all.

There are a total of 151 Pokémon you have to catch to complete the game. Go around and catch’ em all. Rumours are also coming that someone has caught all of them.

Tips for beginners.

1. Get prepared.

Don’t come in hype of the game. Get to know about your device before you download the game. Make sure your device is compatible with the game’s requirements.

2. Get you Data pack loaded.

Yes, the game fully uses your Data pack or Wi-Fi and also requires your location which means its also uses your GPS. So the game is going to be a devil for your mobile’s battery.

3. Get connected to other trainers.

Pokémon has got a huge community. By connecting to new trainers it can help you to learn new strategies and tips and tricks.

4. Pokémon with highest CP are beneficial.

Beginners may not know that same Pokémon can have different CP’s. Like one Rattata can have a CP level of 60 while another Rattata can have a CP level of 75. So it is important for you to know the right CP level PokémonScreenshot_2016-07-24-22-15-15

5. Customise you’re team.

Prepare your team by optimising your Pokemon’s. Maximise your strength and minimise your team’s weakness. Always look for best Pokémon in your sqad. A good strengthen squad can lead you to win Gym battles.

The game is amazing, but always be aware of the surroundings while playing. There were some news of small accidents due to lake of awareness while playing the game. I hope the information was good enough, if you like it please feel free to share it to your friends and if you want to share your thoughts comment below.


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