Pongal 2015 Wishes and Celebrations

Many who have visited India, term the nation as a country that is full of festivals. It does not matter which part of the country you are visiting, what is obvious is that you will be treated to some kind of festival. These festivals that are held across the country have proven to be a big attraction as many residents enjoy. Apart from the locals, even tourists tend to flock India during such festivals. In fact, festival tourism is gaining a lot of popularity in the country. One such festival season is the Pongal festivals. During this time there is the Pongal wishes messages and happy pongal wishes.

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Pongal 2015 Wishes


Pongal is a four day celebration that is done in India in a place called Tamil Nadu. Throughout the year, Indians tend to plant and gather food hence during this time there is some harvest taking place. This is a four day thanksgiving to nature and it derives its name from the word Tamil meaning to boil. Which means that rice and other food products that are an important ingredient in India are being harvested? This season takes place during January and February when there are many Pongal wishes messages.

Happy Pongal 2015 Wishes in English

Happy Pongal 2015 Wishes in English

According to the Indian calendar, mid January is an important time especially in the 14th and 15th of the month. This is the time when Pongal festivals are scheduled to take place. Pongal festival is basically set aside to give thanks to nature. Besides, according to Tamilians all family problems will always be solved during period with happy Pongal wishes. Typically, this is also the month set aside for wedding festivals. This is not an occurrence out of the blues but rather the riches that have been gotten due to harvest are combined with occasions such as wedding to make it a memorable time.

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This four day celebration in the Indian calendar marks the start of peace, happiness and plenty which has been brought about by harvest. The celebrations are intended to honor nature for a bountiful harvest. Families and friends gather to enjoy and share the blessings of harvest that they have. During these celebrations the sun is offered gifts of milk and rice. The first day of this celebration is termed as the Pongal day meaning the boiling over of milk and rice during the season. Besides during the time there are happy Pongal wishes.

Preparing for these festivals is started much early and the first thing that is found in homes before the start of the events is the Kalam.This is just some decoration that is done in the Hindu homes. The decorative patterns are drawn on the outside door is made from the rice floor. Its main purpose is that it serves as s symbol of welcoming the guests to the home. At the centre of the Kalam is a lump of cow dung that symbolizes fertility and offering to the preceding deity. Before the pongal day starts all the houses are cleaned and decorated.These are not complete without Pongal wishes messages accompnied with Pongal wishes images.

The first day of Pongal celebration is meant for domestic activities, this is where Hindus buy new cloths and the ladies prepare meals to be shared. The second day which is the most important day is called Pongal and this is when prayers are offered to the sun. The third day which is called Matu Pongal is dedicated to cows where they are washed and painted. The final day is termed as Matu Pongal.This festival is celebrated by the sisters for the welfare of the brother. They provide for each other Pongal 2015 wishes messages and Pongal wishes images.

In brief, Pongal celebrations are important occurrences in the India calendar that takes placeduri within a period of four days. This is when thanksgiving is held to remember the bountiful harvests that have been received. If you are planning to visit the country, then this is the best time to do so. You will also receive many Pongal 2015 wishes messages and Pongal wishes images.

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