Pongal Greetings 2015

Pongal wishes are traded in the middle of family and companions, and there are festivals inside the crew. As one stand on the limit of the harvest season, everybody trade Pongal wishes, trusting that it brings the harbinger of good fortunes, favorable luck and encouragement. Individuals wish one another great times and joy, peace and success and a ton all the more in life. Tamils wish one another to begin the New year with common admiration, shared understanding, common trust and earnest participation.

Update:Happy Pongal Short Wishes and Greetings

There is no age, sex and tongue bar for this festival. Notwithstanding the way that the standard technique for wishing people on the festival of Pongal is to visit eventually. However in light of augmentation in division and nonappearance of time due to involved lifestyle, people have taken the support of the Internet. One can without a lot of a stretch send an e-welcome card, free of cost. Further, these card can be modified as one can sprinkle several shades or paint a theme, and give a fitting and engaging Pongal welcome with it.

Pongal Greetings 2015


Happy Pongal 2015 Wishes in English

All through the four days of Pongal there is exchange of sweets and shows between family, sidekicks, neighbors, administrators and laborers, as a picture of solidarity and tradition that is passed down to new periods. As a part of age-old conviction and with the desire that the month of `thai’ will present good circumstances, Tamils run agog with happiness. With running as an inseparable unit with music to add to the psyche set, they pound at every entrance and get gifts and luxurious gala.

Pongal is a celebration when the locals of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and even Karnataka specifically the agriculturist group, commend the Sun God and the homestead creatures. In Tamil Nadu, Pongal is praised with extraordinary ceremony and show for 4 days. On Thai Pongal day, the whole family awakens in the morning wash up, wear new garments and gather in the yard to cook the standard pongal greetings (rice pudding). The eldest part of the family does the cooking of Pongal who is helped by the

different parts. At the point when milk starts to trickles from the pot, everyone yells “Pongalo Pongal”. This exact second implies a guaranteeing sign. A portion of the cooked dinner is then set aside as an indication of much appreciated providing for the sun, nature and agriculturists. Later the left nourishment is imparted among the family, companions and neighbors.

In spite of the fact that the above situation chiefly happens in Tamil Nadu yet the greetings of Pongal is traded by everyone paying little heed to their religion and locale.

This is best done when a family meets up to observe Pongal over supper/lunch. Also, keeping pace with the advanced engineering, individuals now a days likewise sent Pongal Cards, Pongal e-cards and Pongal welcome cards to their family and companions. A percentage of the messages that you can forward to your kiths and kinfolk can be:

As you commend the celebration of Pongal, with a great deal of intensity and cheer, this warm welcome comes your route, with a ton of great wishes for each euphoria and bliss.”

“Pongal is here, an event that checks happiness and cheer, and brings along everything that is best. Might the celebration of the harvest season, be one that brings alongside it, all that is best and all that you’re so meriting. Have a huge Pongal.”

“Sending your direction, warm greetings on the promising event of pongal greetings and wanting to be’s best now and in all the days to come. As you euphorically praise the celebration of Pongal and welcome the harvest season, this welcome is consistently sent your route, to wish you everything that the event is intended to bring. Have a glad Pongal”

Update 15th Jan 2015

Pongal Wishes by the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi

Pongal greetings to friends in TN! Best wishes to our hardworking farmers for a great harvest. May it bring more prosperity in their lives.

Pongal wishes by Pawan Kalyan ‏@PawanKalyan

Andhariki Naa’Hrudyapoorvaka ‘Sankranthi Subakankshalu’.Raithu kanneeru pettani ‘Gramina Bharatham’ ravalani asisthu

Pongal Wishes from Junior NTR.

Bhogi rojuna meeku bhoga bhagyalu prasadinchalani a devudini korukuntu.may this sankranti bring u all success and joy.enjoy the festival.

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