Rebuilding Visakhapatnam (Vizag)

One of the beautiful cities of south eastern lands of India has been seeing a deadly crisis after experiencing a fierce battle with nature by name hudhud. These hudhud images shows you how people are effected in that part of the world by the deadly cyclone. Food, milk and even water is sold out at a very very high cost at a place where there was a disaster.

This is not fare, not fare at all. And hence, the rebuild of visakhapatnam (vizag) has to happen and should happen quickly. One thing to note is that it can’t happen until the government gets some support from people through donations.

People should help each other!

The increase in cost of daily commodities explains how devastating the situation is in Vizag and the areas surrounded. Things could even get worse if the people don’t respond and do something about this. People should do some voluntary work to clean up things, fix places and most importantly plant trees to support the life balance.

Gladly there are few people out there who are in the process of rebuilding Vizag. Recently I came across this person on facebook named – “Nihar Yerubandi” who with his mom along with his “Estique Events & Wedding Planners” team started doing some voluntary work to clean up vizag. Here are some photos we managed from his facebook profile, and all the copyright credits goes to him.

Rebuilding Vizag – People Rebuilding the City.

Rebuilding Vizag - Rebuilding HudHud hit areas

Rebuilding Vizag

Rebuilding Vizag

Rebuilding Vizag – Children Getting Involved in Rebuilding the City.

Rebuilding Vizag - Children helping rebuild vizag

Rebuilding Vizag – The Final Change!

Rebuilding Vizag - For the change, the new vizag

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