Samsung 3D LED TV (Television) Review and Prices

Samsung recently launched 3D LED Televisions in India. There are lot of advertisements running around on TV about this high definition TV. So, here is a short review for few of the models available in the country.

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The TV’s basically comes in different series. Series 6, 7 and 8 models are the only models that are currently available in India. These are very expensive sets and the price ranges from 1,25,000 Rupees to 3,50,000 Rupees. Note that the price varies based on the television set you choose.

Samsung UA55B8000 is the only television set that is available under series 8 category. The TV has awesome screen size of 140 cm with stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution display. This LED tv has SRS TruSurround HD sound effect with woofer and has sound output of 15Watts. The television comes for a standard MRP price of 350000 Rupees.

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The company offers 3 more televisions under series 7 category. Samsung UA55B7000, UA40B7000, UA46B7000 are the ones I’m talking about. All these tv’s have same resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel with varying screen sizes. SAMSUNG LUXIA LED Engine is used in all the 3 televisions to enhance the video quality. Different features like Auto channel search, auto turn off, sleep timer, game modes and clock settings are enabled in the phone. The tv’s UA55B7000, UA40B7000, UA46B7000 come for a MRP of 274000, 140000 and 180000 Rupees respectively.

The series 6 tv’s have much lower screen size when compared to series 7 and 8 televisions. However, the resolution remains the same at 1920 x 1080 pixels. All these Ultra Slim TV’s can be mounted on a wall with no difficulty. The Samsung televisions UA32B600VR, UA46B600VR ,UA40B600VR come for a really comfortable prices of 69900, 150000,120000 Rupees respectively.

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13 Responses to Samsung 3D LED TV (Television) Review and Prices

  1. nandlal says:

    32inh led 3d sony how much price

  2. joy says:

    I did have experience watching 3d tv in samsung. but unfortunately those flicker images are creating problems. Unlike Samsung the LG 3D cinema is better as it is completely flicker free and therefore no headache and dizziness. Thanks to FPR technology for making it happen.

  3. shipla says:

    My heartfelt thanks goes to Seema for the information. I guess i will be a perfect home theater. I did heard that it also has a 2d conversion to 3d and higher refresh rate.

  4. sema says:

    Truly the new LG cinema is just an amazing TV with best 3d tech whose performance is known from the flicker free image, high brightness and most comfortable glass as it has no battery ans light too.

  5. vivik says:

    yeah, the recent LG New generation 3D Cinema with FPR technology is the Best 3D TV. The price is also very reasonable in Indian market.

  6. changez says:

    samsung 3D Led tv is very good! but LG FPR 3D TV,Cinema 3D TV, is excellent! LG launched yesterday at the Taj hotel in Mumbai!

  7. Shikha says:

    Hi, i want to know can i get samsung LED TV of medium size in the range of Rs. 10,ooo – Rs. 20,000.

  8. R Somanathan says:

    I would like to know what real difference it makes to an end user on Samsung 7000, 8000 and 9000 models.  A thickness difference of half an inch to one inch may not be material to the end customer and as such what is the real value for additional cost and how it is justified.
    I have tried to see demo of 8000 and 7000 in many of the dealers places in Chennai.  Either they did not have a demo piece or the glasses did not work ( Battery not charged …….).  Only in an exhibition 3 or 4 months back I could see a demo properly on the pioneer model.

    LG  3D  9500 looked good on a demo CD, but they were also not willing to show a commercial 3D vedio.

    Sony was not available anywhere

    Do you have a comparison to guide a proper investment

  9. Nice finding here… wasnt’ aware of that a blog on this topic existed, thanks admin.

  10. yakub pathan says:

    samsung 3d led tv is amzng

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