Upcoming Bikes in India 2015

Traffic in India is growing day by day and bikes have become major and fast means of transport these days in the country. Here is a list of some upcoming bikes in India coming out in 2015.

India is a very populated country, with very many people who want to get from point A to point B on time in order to meet their daily obligations in the maintenance of their livelihoods. Transportation thus becomes a matter of serious concern; as very minimal time is required to be used in the movement from one meeting to another.

Time is of essence thus speed becomes mandatory. This is why the sight of many bikes more so motor bikes is not such a surprising thing. The major means of transport is the bike due to its speed and flexibility through traffic jams. Knowing the heat levels in India, it is not such a very pleasant experience to be stuck in traffic during the day or at any given time. Motor bikes by all means have thus ensured that transportation in India is cost effective, time saving and fast.

There are various bikes in India. Ranging from ancient models to the very current models. The latest bikes in India would include the latest model by Ducati the Hyperstrada. The performance of the Hyperstrada is exceptional in the sense that it is very fast and is one of most expected and upcoming bikes in India coming out in 2015.

Ducati Hyperstrada India-small

Its features would include the windshield that is beneficial to the rider guarding him from the force of air as he rides on high speed, the effective side bags that quickly pop out in case of an accident to shield the rider from grave bodily harm and finally and most importantly the Hyperstrada has such magnificent ergonomics for long distance travel. The Hyperstrada also serves as a great sport machine. The other latest bike would be the Ducati Monster that does not fall short of great performance with a stylish look.

There are over 700 variants of bikes in the market in India and this can easily confuse the buyer on which would be the best bike to buy. The best bikes in India are graded based on their performance, stability, litre class performance and of course style. Therefore in purchasing a bike in India, if you want the best ensure you check on the brand and its quality. In checking the brand ensure you can easily trace its authenticity as the best brands have the best quality bikes. The brands to rely on for the upcoming best bikes in India would be Yamaha, Honda, Hero and Bajaj.

India is gradually taking over the globe with some of the most expensive sports and motorbike racing is among these sports. The sports bikes in India include the latest Ducati models like Hyperstrada and Monster, the BMW models 1200 and 1600 amongst many others. The fascination with these bikes is majorly their speed and performance whether on track or off track on the dirt.

upcoming bikes in india BMW-r1200

Even with the already high influx of motor bikes in India, there are still new upcoming bikes scheduled to be released to the market. The BMW S10D0RR globally recognised for its litre class performance has been updated and its’ latest advanced model is bound to be launched soon. The Hero HX250R is also among the future releases of bikes in India as a 1st class dual mode. So that ends the list of upcoming bikes in india for 2015. We would add more bikes to the list very soon. Meanwhile, if you can want some other bike to be listed, please drop in a comment.

Update: 26th June 2015.

Upcoming Bikes in India

India is home to numerous bike versions, which keep being reinvented every year. Moreover, manufacturers introduce new trends on an annual basis, to cope with the stiff competition both in the domestic and international markets. Therefore, bike enthusiasts need to be on the lookout for various upcoming bikes in india that will be introduced this year and in the future. Luckily enough, the makers of new bikes in india are not selfish with information on the new brands expected in the market. Below are a number of options that you can expect in the coming days.

Honda CBR650F


If you are a big bike lover, then this should be a favorite option among the best bikes in india for the year 2015. It is the ideal motorbike for people who love big engines as it has a capacity of 649cc. Its in-line engine is made up of four cylinders, which give the bike a power of 87bhp. The bike will be introduced during the second half of 2015, giving you the chance to make a comprehensive analysis regarding the other brands in the market as you wait for the Honda CBR650F to arrive.

Hero: Dare

This is also among the latest bikes in india, which will be introduced to the market in mid 2015. Hero is also among the largest bike manufacturers in the country, and they are also preparing for a competitive year in the market. The company will be introducing the 125cc engine capacity scooter to improve on its earlier versions. It is targeted at the sport enthusiasts, especially male clients. In the past, scooters have been preferred by female clients, leaving out an important male segment. Therefore, this move might be Hero’s strategic plan.

Hero: HX250R

This new bike is also expected to be released to the Indian market by mid 2015. Its main target is the sport-loving client, and its major competitors are KTM and Honda products. It will have a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 279cc.

Yamaha: YZF-R1M

As a major competitor in the motorcycle industry, Yamaha also announced its launch of the YZF-R1M version, to be done in June, 2015. The new make would be a powerful bike, ideal for lovers of sport-themes bikes. It has been designed to compete other similar versions such as Honds, Yamasaki and TVS brands.

Honda: CB500F

Honda is announced that it would introduce this new version during the first half of the year 2015. The bike will have power limits of 47bhp with a fuel capacity of 471cc for its engine, which will be liquid-cooled and parallel-twin in design. It is expected to counter Kawasaki products such as the Ninja 650R version, thus enhancing the options for clients.

Yamaha: R15 V 3.0

His new version was announced to be introduced to the Indian market before June 2015. Its engine capacity would be 180cc, and its power 18bhp. Its engine will be a 4-stroke single-cylinder version. It will be expected to compete with the domestic Bajaj Pulsars and Hero products. If you are a sport lover, this will be an ideal product to analyze.

Bajaj: Pulsar 150 NS

Bajaj already announced that it would release its new make known as Bajaj 150NS. The launch for this bike is expected to be in the middle of 2015, specifically June. It is expected to be the first upgrade to its predecessor Pulsar 150, which has not undergone any modifications in a period of over four years. The Pulsar 150 version has been among the best bikes in india since its introduction, and its improvement into the Pulsar 150 NS is likely to shake the market. Being a major domestic product, the new version might compete so well against other domestic brands, and foreign bikes introduced by Yamasaki and Yamaha and other competitors.

Yamaha YZF-R25

Yamaha also announced that it will introduce the Yamaha YZF-R25 bike, which has 250cc 4-stroke engine. The engine will have two cylinders that will be liquid-cooled. Its power will be 35bhp. It is expected to meet stiff competition from Kawasaki and KTM versions that are almost similar to it.


The 2015 BMW S1000RR will also be introduced in the middle of the year, just like most of the previously stated makes. It will have an engine fuel capacity of 999cc, with four cylinders and a power limit of 199bhp. It will be the ideal motorbike for people with a sense of fashion and an appetite for speed.

Ducati 1299 Panigale

Ducati is also a major industry player in India, and it will be introducing one of the latest bikes in india in 2015. The Ducati 1299 Panigale 2015 version will be released in the middle of the year. It will be a fuel guzzler, with a superquardo v-twin engine that has a capacity of 1285cc. The bike is expected to be a favorite among sport riders with a power limit of 205bhp, which will be one of the highest in the market today.

Mahindra Mojo 300

This new bike will be expected in the showrooms after the first half of the year 2015. It is one of the most anticipated upcoming bikes in india. It will have an engine capacity of 295cc, which will be 4-stroke and cooled by liquid. The engine will also have a single cylinder.

TVS Draken

If you are a TVS Apache fanatic, expect this 250cc engine capacity bike in the showrooms by mid 2015. The 28bhp bike will have a liquid-cooled engine, which will also have a single cylinder. The company targets the sports enthusiasts to enjoy using this product.

Ducati Diavel

The Ducati Diavel is a bike with 1198cc engine capacity and is expected to appear in the market by mid 2015. It will add to Ducati’s large engine capacity bikes that have been introduced into the Indian market. The bike will be a great competition to Yamaha’s V-Max, and other upcoming bikes in india that are similar to it.

There are many more brands to be introduced into the market in 2015 and in the subsequent years. Some companies have already introduced more than two versions of new bikes into the Indian market. Modifications continue to be made on available versions to increase consumer experience. Ensure you get the option that best suits your desires, as well as your budget. Take your time as there is still so much to come.

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