What do Football teaches us?


I am not saying i know all the stats, i am not saying that i know all the teams, all the players. I don’t even play good, but every-time i watch this beautiful game i feel Joy, Passion, Aggression, Glory the feeling which cannot be described. Yes Football, Football isn’t only a game it is where the world is divided by Boundaries, Terror, Racism, Society, and the game unites them all. sometimes the game is said violent, but i don’t see the game is killing innocent peoples.

Football is not just a game, it teaches us many lessons in life. There’s a lot to learn from the game which had made its place into the millions of hearts on this planet.


1. Discipline

Success comes where discipline lies. Morning workouts to focused training sessions all need a lot of discipline to perfect the game. Same as the game, to live a successful life discipline is needed. One cannot achieve success if he doesn’t follow the rule named discipline.




2. Competition.

The game is all about competition, competition is a thing which develops the quality to survive in the race. Competition is not only required in games but also in life to survive the race and to win it.


3. Hard-working .

I don’t have seen probably one successful man on earth who’ve earned it without hard-work. Hard-work is the key to success. The game teach us about the hard work, the more you sweat on the field the more you get close to the glory.


4. Passion.

To do something great we have to be passionate about it. Work done without heart is not letting you anywhere it needs the will that comes direct from the heart.




5. Presence of mind.

Football  is a game where it can all change in an instant of time. You have to be omni present to the situation, if you distract this one is not for you. In the same way you always need presence of your mind in your daily life.


6. Value of time.

Football is the game of time. The game can change in a fraction of a time, you can win and you can loose in the last minute or even in the last seconds. Every single second make its count. In life who don’t care about time, time don’t care about him. The one who realizes the value of time, he goes far in life.


7. You can’t win all at once.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. You can not win all the times. You cannot feel the win if you don’t know what the defeat is. It is totally OK if you loose sometimes, because you do not get defeated until and unless you think you are defeated. It is just another time.


8. Brotherhood.

Football is a team game, you can not win it alone. Sometimes your teammate support you sometime you support him. Alone you are weaker, Along you are stronger. Just like this if you believe in unity in life you will feel more powerful, more strengthen.




9. Sportsman spirit.

Before learning any game you should learn to have sportsman spirit in your heart. Learn to accept what you get. Sometimes it may be good and sometimes it may be unfair, but accept it move on and change the things. Don’t be sad, play happy, spread love and be good to all.



10. Learn to get up after fall.

It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, the thing which matter is how good you get up. Nobody remembers your fall if you get up with glory. Life follows the same rule, many come many go the but world only remember the one who raised himself up to the glory.


11. Leadership.

The game teach about good leadership qualities. A good leader can be difference between win or loose. A good manager a good captain can hold the team together when the team need them the most, he can lead to the victory or to defeat. Life needs such skills to be successful.


I discovered my love for the game six years back in 2010, it was Fifa world cup 2010 time. I use to see a video of K’naan named “Waving flag” many of you have seen it too, this song always fills me with spirit to do something. i suggest you  to watch it once you will definitely like it.



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