What is your resolution for this New Year 2016?

As the cliché goes “time flies”; another year is on the verge of fading out.

As we step into the new dawn of a brand new year – 2016 – many people may be thinking about coming up with some resolution or the other. Beginning of the year is always a good time to start something new and useful or abandon anything old and useless; as it sets itself as an imaginary marker to measure one’s progress as the year goes by.

For many of us, It may be easy to come up with a resolution but so difficult to keep up with it. Some people don’t want to come up with a resolution because of the fear of failing to keep up with it. But personally, I am in favor of having a resolution as it helps to gain a perspective and control of our – as uncontrollable as a bull in the ring – lives to some extent. It helps in focusing our efforts on the one problem area – one priority or a concern – until it’s under control or got away with.

Some may want to avoid smoking while others would want to learn a new skill or a language that may benefit their career or bring self-satisfaction. Some may want to start Yoga – for the betterment of mental health – and some may want to decrease the consumption of junk food – for a size zero look. Whatever be the resolution what matters is how resolute is one’s resolve to make it count. While many people stick to their goals at least a week, some people may cope with it even after 6 months.

Although, there are several popular goals – many are unrealistic – that people may want to imbibe; I think it should be something that’s out of the lessons we have learned from our own experiences. For, it keeps reminding us of the unpleasant hardships we might have undergone during a certain period or phase of our life either because of lack of it or not following it when required. I did undergo those kinds of phases because of the habit of forgetting things but later dealt with it to make myself a better planner with better memory. Forgetting something important always causes so many unforeseen problems.

I feel the toughest resolution would be giving up on something that you are so accustomed to following it as a routine even if it’s the root cause of all the problems. Whether it is eating your favorite Pani puri on your street or chewing beetle leaves or eating junk foods of international brands or even drinking more coffee than required. It is always difficult to imagine our lives without all these customary things. It’s only at the outset of health issues or problems as a result that our resolution automatically takes place when left with no other choice. But, it may be late by then. And that’s when we understand the importance of proactive resolution.

In a larger scheme of things isn’t it that when our life ends, we are going away, giving up on everything that we might have cherished throughout our life; be it the money we earned or love of our near and dear ones or even our IPhone – that we might have purchased on your first salary. Life is like a big summation of many additions and subtractions. As we grow older there are so many things that we have to let go and at the same time, new things keep adding up.

Philosophy aside, I have several times in the past come up with a resolution and tried fulfilling them. Sometimes I faltered and other times I triumphed. No matter what the result was, it in some ways made me put some effort in that direction. I too urge you to do something similar. Hope you have a resolution this New Year – 2016 – and the resolve to make it count.

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016. May all your resolutions be fulfilled!!!

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