Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – India’s Most Awaited SmartPhone

It is a know fact that a lot of the world’s products are made in China. Be it unqualified products or very well qualified one’s, the Chinese are good in delivering stuff. It is also said that they are rich in natural resources, human labor and a booming economy to back up any company to create a fruitful business venture.

It’s no surprise that a company from China has introduced Xiaomi Mi Note Pro that can definitely match Apple and Samsung’s domination in the mobile smartphone industry. The lower end of the phone is called Xiaomi Mi Note and both touch screen smart phones almost have same specs with minor upgrade features in the pro version.

It can’t be true that all Chinese products are substandard and low on quality. The new Xiaomi Mi Note Pro can be one such product that can definitely disprove such an accusation.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Specs

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is the latest addition to CEO Lei Jun’s weapons against the flagship smartphone models from the 2 giant companies. Without looking at the internals of the phablet, it’s easy to see the 5.7inch display with curved Gorilla Glass 3 wrapping the front and the back with Aluminum casing that can be seen in the middle.

It’s much like the Xiaomi Mi Note only with much improved parts on the inside. It would also be easy to tell how sexy the new Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is with its 155.1 x 77.6 x 6.95 mm dimensions that are impossible to not notice. It’s certainly slimmer than the other models from Apple and Samsung. This phone can definitely win in a sexiness competition against its rivals.

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro price in India will be introduced at 32950 rupees (3300 Yuan), packing the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 as its system chip with an Octa-core, 2800 MHz, 64bit processor. This dual-SIM powerhouse has a mighty Quad HD display with a staggering 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and LTE-Cat 9 that can support download speeds of up to 450Mbps.

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro mi4 specs also include a generous 64GB built-in storage, which is impossible not to be filled up with photos from its powerful cameras. It uses a Sony 13 megapixels camera with optical image stabilization as its main camera and a 4-megapixel front camera. Selfies and random photos would definitely look better because of these two bad boys. Powering up the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is a 3000-mAh battery pack. Some would argue that the weak battery would be the weak spot to such a powerful phone but because of the JDI/Sharp display panels, it certainly won’t use that much power.

Playing music through Xiaomi Mi Note Pro will definitely melt your ears with its ESS ES9018K2M mobile Hi-Fi Edition sound processor. It produces a better audio quality with richer details while it’s also able to support native formats such as APE, WAV, DSD and FLAC files. Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is operated with Android 5.0 Lollipop partnered with the latest MIUI launcher.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro buy online if you want to purchase yours today. Shipping of the phone begins on January 27. Many companies are distributing and selling them online. You don’t have to leave your house since you can just order it on the Internet and have it delivered to your doorstop at the convenience of your home. With such a powerful piece of technology on your hand, life is sure to be more enjoyable and mobile.

Source: Press Release.

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